President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to the Albanian Catholic and evangelical believers

President Meta wishes a Happy Easter to the Albanian Catholic and evangelical believers

Dear Albanian citizens!

Dear Catholic and evangelical believers!

Happy and for many years Holy Easter! Feast of the Resurrection, of life, of hope and of light!

Today we are celebrating Easter with “closed doors” due to pandemic, which is causing a lot of pain, poverty and fear.

So more than ever we all need to feel deep in our souls and hearts the message of the Risen Christ, who commands us: “I am alive among you, so DO NOT BE AFRAID.”

The resurrection of Christ assures us that God, for anyone who believes in Him, is present everywhere, in every place, and at all times. So let’s turn these difficult moments that we are experiencing, into strength and courage, because even physically away from each other, but with solidarity and inclusiveness, we can and will succeed.

Because, as Pope Francis instructs us: “The resurrection of Christ is strength and courage in the most difficult moments for all mankind. Love makes us hope for a better world.”

Let us rejoice in the simplicity of the Easter in our families, and let us share our joy in praying for the health of our relatives, for the healing of those affected by this pandemic, and for all the doctors and nurses, our heroes, who are serving with unparalleled dedication and sacrifice at the forefront of protecting the health of every citizen. We also pray for the priests and clergy who are helping as much as they can and are close to the most afflicted categories.

To share our goodness and happiness especially with the elderly, the lonely and the people most in need, who more than ever need today, not only for compassion, but for love and help.

I wish you all white and blessed Easter, with the hope that the message of this Holy Day will bring real revival to our souls and hearts, to our families, to society and to our entire nation!

I have a special wish for the beloved community of Albanians in friendly Italy, deeply affected by the pandemic, for the wonderful Arbëresh, for the noble Albanasi of Croatia, and for all Albanian believers everywhere.