President Meta receives the Speaker of the Assembly, H.E. Gramoz Ruçi

President Meta receives the Speaker of the Assembly, H.E. Gramoz Ruçi

President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta held today a meeting with the Speaker of the Assembly H.E. Gramoz Ruçi.

President Meta stressed that after the publication of the Opinion of the Venice Commission on the process of appointments to the Constitutional Court, it is extremely important that the recommendations of the Commission be implemented immediately.

Reiterating the need for co-operation between all institutions in order to renew and make the Constitutional Court and the High Court as functional as possible, President Meta expressed his full readiness to immediately begin the work for a unique interpretation of the recommendations and consentaneity for their constitutional and legal implementation.

President Meta stressed once again that this process is already under the monitoring not only of the Venice Commission, but also of the European Union, German Bundestag, Dutch and Danish Parliament, etc., whose assessment will be key to starting the process of the membership negotiations with the European Union. The Comprehensive cooperation must also serve for the implementation of the 15 EU conditions.

Welcoming the invitation of President Meta for this meeting and sharing the same view on the need for cooperation between the institutions, Speaker Ruçi emphasized that he considers unacceptable the delay in the renewal of the Constitutional Court and the High Court by the independent institutions.

Speaker Ruçi emphasized that the Albanian Assembly, in the resolutions adopted during the annual reports of the governing bodies of the justice system (High Judicial Council and High Prosecutors Council), has imposed the obligation of these bodies to complete all vacancies to the High Court as soon as possible.

President Meta and Speaker Ruçi agreed on the immediate starting of work by experts from both institutions to identify all issues that require urgent and medium-term treatment, and agreement on the measures that will need to be taken for their implementation.