President Meta welcomes the Ambassadors of the EU member states in Tirana

President Meta welcomes the Ambassadors of the EU member states in Tirana

Today, the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta organized a working meeting with the Ambassadors of all European Union countries, accredited in Tirana, as well as with the Ambassador of the EU Delegation, Mr. Luigi Soreca.

President Meta expressed his gratitude for the assistance that the EU and the EU member states have given to Albania in coping with the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Head of State reiterated his gratitude for the March 25 decision of the European Council on the opening of membership negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia.

President Meta briefed the Ambassadors on his platform of April 8, 2020, proposed to both parties, in order to reach a common ground in favor of accelerating the opening of EU membership negotiations.

President Meta expressed regret for the government’s destructive response to the unnecessary provocation of social and political tension in the country.

The head of state also expressed the concern that the violent and illegal demolition of the National Theater building and the disproportionate behavior of the police towards the citizens, which shocked not only the local public opinion but also provoked a chain of reactions from Albania’s international friends, have caused an undeserved damage to the country’s European integration process.

President Meta stressed the importance of ending the electoral reform in the Political Council as soon as possible and its approval in Parliament, according to OSCE / ODIHR recommendations, albeit under the conditions of the further breach of trust between the parties.

The Head of State reiterated the appeal for every institutional actor to engage constructively in the obligations it has to implement each of the 15 EU priorities that condition the process of the negotiations of the EU membership.