Statement of the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Ilir Meta to the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit

Statement of the President of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Ilir Meta to the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit

UNGA-73, New York

Honorable Madam President,
President of South Africa, Mr. Ramaphosa,
Your Excellences,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would also like to join previous speakers and welcome the adoption of the Political Declaration.

I would also like to congratulate organizers and co-facilitators, for calling this Peace Summit and bringing to our minds again the image of the Man, who inspired the whole world with his commitment to peace and reconciliation and his dedication and persistence in fighting and protecting the human rights.

By recognizing the period 2019-2028, as the Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace, we as Member States, commit ourselves for more joint efforts and collectively hold ourselves accountable to the values and principles of this Declaration.

In Albania we have had our Mandelas, who for decades during the Communist regime, have been cruelly persecuted and deprived of their freedom and liberty, because of their ideas and beliefs. But they survived to tell and encourage us to be more tolerant and respectful for each other’s faith, beliefs and ethnicity.

We should act and fight together for these values.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

As we speak, there are a lot of violent conflicts world-wide, a lot of potential for proxy-warfare that should be prevented, and humanitarian crises to be faced. There are a lot of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and our goal for the global peace yet to be achieved.

In all these dimensions of volatility, there’s the legacy of people that have been fighting for the peace and the legacy towards a peaceful future.

Today we are seeking new ways how to better promote sustaining peace and make the best use of prevention in a long term perspective.

In this respect, Albania considers that we need a whole society approach backed by strong institutions and rule of law, human security, inclusive development and full enjoyment of human rights for all.

In the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, I would like to highlight that the human rights indeed are a critical foundation for peace and that resilience is anchored in the synergies between fulfillment of human rights and peaceful coexistence within societies.

As the human rights are universal, they constitute the backbone of our societies in building peace and guaranteeing security and stability.

The implementation of the 2030 Agenda, and its goal on fostering peaceful, just and just and inclusive societies leads us towards the promotion of prevention as a step forward the culture of peace and ensuring peaceful coexistence among nations, societies, communities and individuals.

Dear colleagues,

The adoption of the Secretary General reform on Peace and Security that Albania supported, is a new approach on responding efficiently to the fragile nations and vulnerable societies, to prevent the conflicts and build a more durable and just peace.

I do believe that fostering the political dialogue and strengthening the multilateralism are the best ways in promoting rule based global societies, based on the values of human rights and respect for the international law.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela has taught us.

Thank you and I wish a successful summit ahead!