President Meta at the closing session of the IX Global Forum in Baku on “Challenges to the Global World Order”

President Meta at the closing session of the IX Global Forum in Baku on “Challenges to the Global World Order”

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta addressed the closing session of the IX Global Forum organized by the International Center “Nizami Ganjavi” in Baku, Azerbaijan, on “Challenges to the Global World Order.”

Addressing many honored personalities present, President Meta said:

Honorable distinguished personalities, dear friends,

What we all agree is that the world needs urgently peace and security, but this requires an accountable and wise leadership.

The future global challenges are many, and require global commitment, multilateralism and joint efforts in building a better future.

The common thread of the Baku Global Forum, as it was firmly and clearly indicated at the opening session and during all the discussions in the panels, is security, which must continue to be on the top agenda for us all.

War in Ukraine has triggered the most dangerous and unstable situation since the Second World War and this has heavily impacted security on a global scale.

Working on Security issues, including Health, Food, or Energy Security, should be our focus for the future and on how we can move forward.

Health Security should remain the top priority for all the governments, because as Dr. Tedros, WHO Director-General has stated “When health is at risk, everything is at risk”.

What Pandemics taught us is that we need to build more resilient health systems in our countries and invest in public health systems, which should protect in particular the vulnerable communities of our societies.

Covid-19 proved to us all that health issue is closely related to peace, security and econony and it is not simply a national issue but an international one.

That’s why we underline the need for a better global coordination and cooperation that should contribute in strengthening WHO as the leading and directing authority on global health.

Food Security should remain another top priority on our international agenda. According to The World Food Program, by 2023 it very well will be a food availability problem.

Unfortunately, the aggression of Russia against Ukraine has brought an increase in food prices everywhere, especially if we keep in mind that Ukraine alone grows enough food for 400 million people.

The increase in food prices brings a real threat in the increase of poverty, which can bring famine (fa’min), especially in some areas of the world, like Africa, and which can escalate to a real humanitarian, political crisis and mass migration in the world.

We are running out of time.

That’s why the governments and international organizations should work on a greater international cooperation aiming at bringing markets to stability.

Energy Security is another important and urgent issue of our global agenda.

The aggression of Ukraine from Russia has brought a huge tension and is teaching us the lesson we knew, but didn’t want to learn: that we should not become dependent on one source of energy and from only a few countries of the world.

The steeply rising oil demand has hugely increased global energy insecurity in developed and especially developing countries and is impacting the countries’ governing policies.

We should all work on: diversifying of energy sources, especially on solar and wind energy; ensuring domestic production, especially on green energy and securing both distribution and access to our people.

I take once more the opportunity to thank President Aliyev and Azerbaijan for their support in the successful implementation of TAP and IAP pipelines.

These projects become of paramount importance at this moment and especially, for the future of our region and Europe’s energy security.

Dear colleagues, participants and friends,

The war in Ukraine has made the world more unstable and insecure, while Covid-19 Pandemics raised many concerning issues on health safety.

We have learned the lesson that peace cannot be taken for granted.

It has to be looked after.

While economy and security must progress hand in hand.

The leading international institutions should be more proactive and efficient.

It is high time that EU as well adopts a new approach. Its enlargement should be considered as a powerful geostrategic instrument.

I would like to praise the courageous decision taken by EU Commission to grant to Ukraine the candidate status.

The people of Ukraine fully deserve the European future because they are fighting not only for their freedom but they are defending European values too, because they believe in democracy.

Despite the fact that some of our colleges raised their concerns about democracy, calling it “downturn of democracy”, “backsliding of democracy”, “erosion of trust in democratic institutions”, we all agree that even though democracy is not perfect, it still remains the most inspiring and attractive system for billions of people in the world.

It is our duty to make democracy more accountable, vibrant and representative to restore the trust of people.

It was very impressive what Dr. Tedros was telling us on his childhood and his country Ethiopia, where he grew up amongst the bullets and violence.

Fortunately, he survived, enjoyed democracy and jumped in his national and international career. But today, unfortunately his country backslide in dictatorship and violence.

The lesson learned is that: People who sleep in democracy wake up in dictatorship.

Hard times test the true leadership and the Baku Global Forum offered this message.

Let us join our efforts on national, regional and international level by demonstrating good will, dialogue and mutual understanding to make the world a better and safer place for all!

Thank you!