President Meta in Lezha for monitoring the measures taken regarding COVID-19 pandemic: I wish all promises made to the doctors are kept

President Meta in Lezha for monitoring the measures taken regarding COVID-19 pandemic: I wish all promises made to the doctors are kept

The President of the Republic, H. E. Ilir Meta today paid a work visit to the city of Lezha to inquire about the preventive measures taken regarding the pandemic of COVID-19.

President Meta held a work meeting with the Prefect of Lezha, Mr. Gjokë Jaku, where he was informed about the current health condition of those affected by the pandemics, the need to test people with whom they have had direct contact, as well as the measures taken. to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

After the meeting with the Prefect Jaku, President Meta said: “It was a pleasure to meet the Prefect of the Lezha Region and the Chair of the Emergency Headquarters here, Mr. Gjokë Jaku! I was introduced by him of all the work that has been done to cope with this pandemic, and the measures taken to keep it under control.

I congratulate the Prefect, the mayors and all the local government, all the citizens, for the responsibility they have shown. But also all entrepreneurs for all the solidarity they have shown for the most needy families!

I believe that we will get out of this situation as soon as possible, if we keep all these cases that have appeared so far isolated!

Let us make every effort to return to normalcy as soon as possible and we will achieve this through the spirit of cooperation between central and local institutions, and between all our institutions and citizens.

Responding to a question about how he views the situation and whether all measures have been taken by the government to deal with it, President Meta said: “I believe you have followed all the dynamics of this challenge. This is a challenge not only for our country, but it is a challenge for the whole world as well as for the World Health Organization itself, which is constantly issuing new guidelines in line with the situation.

In this regard, I think that the Albanian government has made and is making its efforts and it is important to have a growing spirit of cooperation. I emphasize once again, cooperation between the central authorities, the local authorities and between all the authorities and the citizens. “

To the question that there are many citizens who are waiting at the border to enter Albania and how do you see this case, President Meta answered that: “Without any discussion that every effort should be made to guarantee their constitutional rights and according to the international Conventions. But considering this situation, that is, their protection of all our citizens through guaranteeing the quarantine process or conducting tests in all cases where there are concerns or doubts.

I would advise all those who have the opportunity or do not have the necessity to come to the country, to try to avoid as much as possible the movements in this period. However, in all cases we must make every effort and they must follow the path of cooperation with our embassies and consulates. Even through the instructions given by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, so that we do not find ourselves in difficult situations to manage and that are not in anyone’s interest. “

To the question “Five thousand lekë were received by doctors and nurses in Lezha as a reward from the Albanian government. Do you think that this is the appreciation and support that the white uniforms deserve in this situation, from 1 thousand to 500 Euros for help? ”, The President of the Republic replied:

“I should not rush to give assessments, for which I do not have complete or accurate official information, but I want to greet the team of doctors and nurses of Lezha for the work they have done, as they have encountered in the front line of front with this pandemic. Some of them have been endangered and fortunately, the situation here is under control. But I think the promises that have been made will be kept to everyone, first and foremost to doctors and nurses. “