President Meta in Konispol, in the framework of his initiative, the “Blood Donation Alliance”

President Meta in Konispol, in the framework of his initiative, the “Blood Donation Alliance”

The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta visited today the, most southern Municipality of the country, Konispol, in the framework of the initiative undertaken by him, the “Blood Donation Alliance”.

President Meta accompanied by the Mayor, Mr. Shuaip Beqiri, participated in the process of blood donation by many citizens, especially young and new from Konispoli, who voluntarily joined the awareness raising campaign of the “Alliance for Blood Donation “.

The President of the Republic, after expressing his gratitude and thanksgiving, said that:

“It is a great pleasure to be here today in the Municipality of Konispol, in the southernmost municipality of the country, but also in a special municipality for all the historical, cultural, archaeological, and above all human heritage values. A municipality symbolizes the coexistence, harmony and solidarity of citizens with one another.

Today also a municipality that has chosen to contribute to the “Blood Donation Alliance” inviting not only its employees, but also all Konispol citizens to donate blood. This is of particular value today, which is a day off, which shows that the city of Konispol has an extremely solidarity and human community, ready to sacrifice even some moments of rest on behalf of an extremely humane cause. Above all, donating a ‘high quality blood’ of special value, due to the climate of the perfect combination here, of iodine with oxygen, “said the President.

“On this occasion, – emphasized the Head of State, – thanking the Mayor, who is very engaged in this process, not only as mayor of this community, but also as a doctor, I would like to wish all Konispol residents, success during this important season, both for tourism and for agriculture!

I would like to invite everyone to visit Konispol as much as it really is a wonderful municipality, with an exceptional climate, with quality products and above all with an excellent community, which is the example of solidarity.”