President Meta in Kavaja for the first annual blood donation session

President Meta in Kavaja for the first annual blood donation session


The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta visited today Kavaja in the framework of the initiative undertaken together with the “Blood Donation Alliance”.

Expressing satisfaction over the first blood donation hearing for 2019, President Meta particularly thanked the citizens of Kavaja and the Mayor, Isa Sakja, who immediately responded to the Alliance’s call for blood donation, as this act of solidarity under Chapter state shows a heart of high sense of civility.

“It is a great pleasure for us to start this blood donation process for this year from Kavaja. I would like to thank the mayor who responded very readily to our call and all the citizens who are here today in an exemplary blood donation process, “said the President of the Republic.

President Meta noted that this session is even greater and becomes more meaningful because January and February are difficult months, so it is very important to increase our awareness and organize as many sessions as possible so that there is no lack of blood for all those citizens who need constant, but also because of the necessity to respond to this very human obligation.

“I believe Kavaja will have a good leg and we will soon organize several more sessions in many cities in the country so that we do not have a crisis or lack of blood for all the citizens who need it,” said the President Meta.