Presidenti Meta në Bashkinë Sarandë, me “Aleancën për Dhurimin e Gjakut”

Presidenti Meta në Bashkinë Sarandë, me “Aleancën për Dhurimin e Gjakut”

President Meta in Saranda City, with the “Blood Donation Alliance”: Blood donation is a fully volunteered process.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta was today in the city of Saranda, in the framework of the initiative that has undertaken the “Blood Donation Alliance”.

The Head of State, together with the Mayor of Saranda, Mrs. Florjana Koka, was present at the blood donation session by local administration employees, numerous Sarandios citizens, young and young, among whom many Albanian tourists who are spending their holidays summer in the southern city.

President Meta thanked the Mayor, Mrs. Koka, who together with the citizens of Saranda, responded voluntarily and voluntarily to the call and the concrete appeal of the head of state and of the “Blood Donation Alliance”.

“Saranda is one of those cities where the problem is serious in terms of the proportion of residents with thalassemia.

I appeal that this qualitative process of voluntary blood donation, launched today, continues. Cooperation between all parties for the information of citizens and young people, especially children, is very important, to take precautionary measures to stabilize all the parameters and to have this problem under control “, – President Meta said.

The Head of State underlined that: “The main goal of the Alliance is to reach the goal set by the World Health Organization in 2020 to ensure that blood donation is a fully-fledged, long-term, voluntary, process. Thank you all the citizens of Saranda who respond positively to the call of the Alliance and are taking part today in this blood donation session! I am sure that this awareness campaign for this extremely humane cause will continue in the future to accomplish its noble and civic purpose!”