President Meta on the 6th Month of Creation of the “Blood Donation Alliance”

President Meta on the 6th Month of Creation of the “Blood Donation Alliance”

President Meta on the 6th Month of the “Blood Donation Alliance” Creation: The more citizens are informed, the higher and the more stable will be the number of volunteer donors.

The analysis of the first six months of work and the results of the “Blood Donation Alliance”, which was established under the supervision of the President of the Republic, H.E.Mr. Ilir Meta, attended by representatives of state and independent constitutional institutions, various associations and forums as well as public health personalities.

On this occasion, President Meta highlighted the importance and the weight of this vital and at the same time humane cause:

“After six months of direct involvement in this cause, I am convinced that 3 reasons why we started the Alliance: awareness of society; increasing solidarity and promoting volunteering remain and will continue to be a long-lasting reason: at least until we have a stable and sufficient number of voluntary blood donations that will meet all the needs our society and Albanians have.

During this period we have developed nearly 30 blood donation sessions across Albania and here I would like to thank all institutions that immediately responded to the request to join the initiative.

In particular, I would like to thank every donor, every individual, every citizen who, with the direct contribution, has helped us reach the objectives of this Alliance.

These activities have had a wide geographical spread, starting with the Municipality of Tirana, which began the first donation sessions with its institutions in a very difficult time as it is in the summer.

To extend further with donations from Shkodra to Konispol, from Divjaka to Saranda, from Berat to Cerrik, from Kavaja to Lezha, from Roskoveci and to Kamez yesterday.

Thanks to the commitment and contribution of the employees of these institutions, but also to the citizens, knowing the very difficult blood supply situation in the summer season, but still, was less attenuated and felt by the sick persons with thalassemia or the other patients who had needs for blood. Other institutions like the People’s Advocate, the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination, the Red Cross, the Volunteer Donor Organization, and the youngest member of our Alliance that has come today in this meeting: ‘Fundjava Ndryshe’ the more the Alliance’s contribution to their blood donation sessions.

While we still have other institutions that are expected to give their contribution in continuity. Likewise, the Institution of the President of the Republic has supported and promoted all blood donation sessions developed during this period and will continue to support those seassons that will be developed continuously.

On this occasion, I would like to highlight the importance of continuing our awareness and mobilization for the development of the largest number of blood donations sessions by all institutions.

If the first step was the voluntary blood donation from the employees of our institutions, the second and most important step is to return to a tradition of voluntary blood donation by organizing at least two donations per year planned by all institutions part of the Alliance.

Second, we should focus a part of our work on increasing the number of promotional and sensitizing campaigns directed to all citizens. It is very important to explain and clarify potential donors for the benefits of blood donation, both health and, of course, human beings. The more citizens are informed, the higher the number of volunteer donors will be.

I think that the active involvement of the Patients’ Association with Talasemi and other members of the Alliance in these meetings and in general in the promotion of voluntary blood donation will have a direct positive impact on the commitment of voluntary blood donors.

Finally, but most importantly, I believe that it is the increase of youth participation in these awareness and donation campaigns. Today, on January 24, is the International Day of Education, which reminds us of the role of education for peace and development, and I am convinced that the role of youth in this day and not only, to sensitize citizens to donate blood to people in need, will be essential because young people are the ones who form the largest number of volunteer donors and are young people who can convince more than anyone about the importance of blood donation by giving their example.

I invite all young people to become actively involved in the future of these campaigns because a greater commitment of them means a higher number of donors but also a better perspective in this blood donation process . I would like to conclude my speech by thanking you once again for your up to date commitment and believing that we will further improve the functioning of this Alliance and will guarantee a sustainable and viable system of blood donation in our country, always with the help of our citizens. ” At the end of His speech, the President of the Republic invited the participants to discuss and give comments and suggestions on what can be further improved, based on the six-month experience, to achieve common goals.