Presidenti Meta nderon kujtimin dhe sakrificat e Dëshmorëve të Atdheut me rastin e 75-vjetorit të Çlirimit

Presidenti Meta nderon kujtimin dhe sakrificat e Dëshmorëve të Atdheut me rastin e 75-vjetorit të Çlirimit

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta paid homage to the Nation’s Heores Cemetery on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Albania by the Nazi-Fascist invaders and laid a crown of flowers at the Mother Albania Monument, bowing with respect before their memory.

In a statement for the media, the President of the Republic said:

Question: Mr. President, please tell us what is the current situation after the earthquake that struck Albania?

President Meta: First of all, today I want to express my deepest gratitude to all those who gave their lives for the Liberation of the Homeland, who crowned 75 years ago one of the great battles of the Albanian people against the Nazi-fascist occupation, which restored the sovereignty of the country and restored the independence of Albania. But at the same time it has successfully placed our people and our country on the right side of history and anti-fascism.

Today we would have wished to celebrate it with all the greatness that belongs to this 75th anniversary, but this extraordinary distress that our country has faced has put us before a test that we must pass together as united, having friends and partners on our side, who have not been missing out on helping us from the very first moments.

Undoubtedly, Kosovo has excelled in its readiness. We will make it despite the costs, which are huge. ”

Question: What is the current situation? What is the number of the victims?

President Meta: I believe you have followed the official statistics. Hopefully today, the search and rescue operations of the citizens who may still be in ruins be fully completed. Hopefully, it is a matter of hours to have a final official account, meantime in addition to honoring the victims, many other challenges lie ahead, which are huge and will be a little long-term.

Question: Will all those who remain in the tents Mr. President be accommodated?

President Meta: Everything will be done to achieve a quick, convenient and short-term accommodation for everyone, and then to find a long-term solution for their full integration into normal life as before.