The President of the Republic takes part and greets the International Conference “New Ways to Care – The World after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Multilateralism for a Better Future”

The President of the Republic takes part and greets the International Conference “New Ways to Care – The World after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Multilateralism for a Better Future”

Rome, Italy

The President of the Republic, H.E.Ilir Meta took part and greeted the International Conference “New Ways to Care – The World after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Multilateralism for a Better Future”, which is taking place in the Italian capital, Rome, organized by ECAM (European Corporate Council on Africa and the Middle East).

The remarks of the Albanian Head of State addressed to the organizers, heads of states from Africa and Middle East as well as to the distinguished personalities attending this very important International Conference: “Dear Madam, Your Excellency Casellati!

Your Excellences Mr. Presidents,

Distinguished Personalities, present here!

I would like to thank the organizers of this very important event, for the invitation.

The Pandemic of the coronavirus, created a major global threat to the world and to everybody here.

What happened and is happening is unseen in more than 100 hundred years!
It caught us all, by surprise!

It questioned the efficiency and the capacities of the states to prevent and control the disease.

It challenged the spirit of solidarity among nations, strategic alliances and the international cooperation.

And it is not yet over!

Humanity paid a bitter price. Millions lost their lives and many more got incapacitated.

Economies slowed down and peoples lost their jobs and incomes.

It was a race against time, which put a lot of pressure on our nations and on the strategic alliances as well!

It became a vaccine race!

And not only!

It was a competition between major Powers, primary of the US, Britain and the European Union with countries like Russia and China.

The Western Alliance was at the forefront of the vaccine production and distribution.

But they were not the only ones.

Russia and China proactively produced and exported their vaccines in countries which were in urgent need and under pressure for protecting their people!

Without prior certification from the international accredited institutions.

Clearly it was a move aiming at creating geostrategic advantages!

The Covax mechanism, was created as an instrument to ensure a balanced distribution of valid vaccines to the countries in need (rich and poor).

But we now know that COVAX was to slow to ensure a sufficient global supply of countries with vaccines.

That is why nowadays there is a big gap among nations (rich and poor) regarding the vaccine coverage.

That is why most likely according to the World Health Organization, the pandemic will continue through the next year.

The General Director of the World Health Organization, was right in saying that the Pandemics will end, only when we decide to put an end of it.

We all know that the absence of a unified standard protocol for the control of the pandemic and certain contradicting and not well founded measures, created a perfect ground for the abuse of power, especially by autocrats and their regimes.

The unnecessary show of force, sometimes with the presence of military structures, imposed unnecessary restrictions and freedom limitations on citizens.

Senseless ‘draconian’ measures, not scientifically supported were put in place.

Postponing of the elections and depriving people from the right of vote was put into the agenda of several autocrats in the name of the pandemics control.
It didn’t help the pandemics control at all!

On the contrary, the countries which went after such measures experienced the highest number of infected people and casualties.

Countries and politicians which carefully listened and followed the advices of science and research, were much more efficient and successful in controlling the coronavirus.

The Purpose of the autocrats was not to efficiently control the coronavirus but to install fear and crush civil society protests against the violation of constitutional rights imposed by them.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

I am sure that we learned a lot during these very difficult times!

It will help us improve ourselves and do better in the future!

Cooperation and solidarity counts the most!

Science and Research should prevail!

Pandemics like Covid-19, are global challenges which can be addressed and controlled only globally.

Therefore, Joint Mechanism of prevention and control of global epidemics should be created and be operative.

COVAX was the first promising step, but it needs to be followed by other mechanisms and agreements in the early diagnosis of infectious agents.

Stockpile vaccines from the rich countries need to be urgently sent to countries in need especially in Africa and the Middle East.

Because considerable quantities are approaching their expiry date.

More funds are needed and should be allocated for research and production of vaccines and drugs!

This was a commitment from G-20 which also put the target of 40% of world population to be vaccinated until the end of 2021 and 70% by the middle of 2022.

One health approach strategy will contribute to the control of the disease.

Future pandemics cannot be excluded.

Climate change as well as the global warming will surely accelerate the risk of global diseases.

Therefore, we need to act now!

I am sure that this conference will contribute to send the right message in the right direction!

Thank you!”