President Meta: When institutions collapse, the people rise

President Meta: When institutions collapse, the people rise

Why the President addresses the people?

Because the sovereignty in the Republic of Albania belongs only to the Albanian people. All of us, including the President of the Republic, are only temporary exercisers of this sovereignty and nothing more.

How many official letters has the President of the Republic addressed to the Assembly and its Speaker, asking to cooperate in order to prevent the aggravation of the situation created by the deliberate blocking from functioning of the Justice Appointments Council and the emptying of the Constitutional Court? Too many.

How many answers from the Assembly? Zero, officially. What about publicly? All Albanians have heard: We are better off without a Constitutional Court. Why? Because we can do whatever we want and no one controls us.

How many official letters has the President sent to the Assembly this year alone to overcome the dire situation in the Constitutional Court? Too many. All with positive ethics and spirit of cooperation in respecting only the Constitution and the law on the Constitutional Court. Did the President get any collaborative answers? Zero.

How many times has the President warned the Chair of the Justice Appointments Council, who has zero competence in the Constitution, for him to respect the constitutional order and the law of the Constitutional Court to avoid possible clashes between the institutions of the President and the Assembly? Too many. What was his reaction? It violated with both his feet even the decision of the Justice Appointments Council itself, which respected the ranking of the vacancies correctly: President, Assembly, President, Assembly.

This Dvorani, who has no jurisdiction other than being the courier of the collegial decisions of the Justice Appointment Council, why did he not send the four decisions at the same time to both the President and the Assembly just as the Justice Appointments Council had decided? Who told him to send two vacancies at the same time to the President whereas to the Assembly 6 days later according to his will?

If according to him, the ranking is not important, even though it is a constitutional obligation, the innocent question of every child arises: Why did uncle Dvorani did not send firstly the two vacancies to the Assembly and after six days send them to the President? Haven’t you uncle Dvorani heard uncle Gramozi and uncle Ulsiu who say every day that Parliament is first because we are a Parliamentary Republic, not a Presidential one?

It is enough for every child in this country to read only the last official letter of the President of the Republic to the Speaker of the Assembly, the Chair of the Justice Appointments Council, the Ombudsman (to the knowledge of all EU and US embassies) and also to read the letters that uncle Gramozi with uncle Dvorani exchanged on November 8, to be terrified where he or she is growing up and the future that lies ahead.

Didn’t the President follow the institutional path by going himself to the Prosecutor’s Office 100 days ago for the criminal report against Dvorani, who every day while in office poses a state and social danger? What has been the reaction from the “New Justice”? Silence. Meanwhile, the Prosecution had to launch its own investigation months ago also on the mafia and the falsification cell at the top of the Ministry of Justice, who had illegally published a JAC decision for the purpose of misleading the public and international opinion with the sole purpose of abducting the majority in the Constitutional Court of the country.

Why should such a simple investigation (due to the scandalous flagrancy of many criminal offenses) involving the Constitutional Court itself be postponed indefinitely? Because it is said the mafia does not investigate itself. This is why it decided to hastily panic and pass the anti-constitutional law of “swearing-in by Lana” the day before the Venice Commission’s arrival, in violation of any code of democratic and institutional conduct and pleading with the representatives of the Venice Commission to not answer the questions that the Assembly had been asking for three months, with the argument that “we voted that law last night.” But why do they need this anti-constitutional law at any cost? So that Dvorani not only be escape from being punished by justice for the serious criminal offenses he has committed but instead to decorate him by placing him through this anti-constitutional law from the chimney as a member of the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, the one who failed at the Magistrates’ Examination, whom Dvoran placed first in all four vacancies, how could they let her down, when she swore in Lana for the sake of the Party? And it is understood that when the Constitutional Court is filled with them, have no doubt that Etilda will deliver a speech full of “Ethics” and with even tears of joy for her contribution to the realization of the of most precious Rama-form.

Therefore dear citizens, wake up and rise because here the institutions have fallen to the ground. Rise to restore your transgressed sovereignty by restoring the constitutional, democratic, and accountable order.

Welcome to the historic and exemplary March 2 Manifestation. Time for the sovereign to regain sovereignty in its hands! Let the whole democratic world see that we are a nation of eagles that cannot be desecrated by a gang of ravens.