President Meta: Blood donation is an act of humanity that helps us save lives

President Meta: Blood donation is an act of humanity that helps us save lives

The President of the Republic, H. E. Ilir Meta participated in the blood donation session, which was held at the Palace of Culture in Tirana, by the “Blood Donation Alliance” and the Albanian Voluntary Blood Donor Organization.

Expressing gratitude for the volunteerism and contribution given, President Meta emphasized that:

“This donation session comes just days after the July 18th, organized as part of the Alliance’s 1-year anniversary. I would like to thank Dr. Natale Capodicasa, who, with the Albanian Voluntary Blood Donor Organization established by him, makes a continuing contribution to the cause of voluntary blood donation, remaining an active member of the Blood Donation Alliance.”

I appreciate all the citizens and institutions that have responded to the call to donate blood and save lives, President Meta underlined that these donation sessions receive an even greater value due to the fact that we are in the summer months, where the number of donors decrease.

“Thalassemia children need blood even on hot days when citizens are on vacation. As well as those who need surgery, or those who are involved in road accidents, who are unfortunate in the summer, need blood. Therefore, these donation sessions become crucial for saving people’s lives,” said The President.

Urging all citizens, even if on holiday, to be part of the blood donation activities in various cities around the country, the President of the Republic appealed: “This cause needs as much support as possible. Donating blood is an act of love and humanity that ennobles us and at the same time helps us save lives.”