President Meta decrees the appointment of four new judges of the High Court

President Meta decrees the appointment of four new judges of the High Court

President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta on March 17, 2021, has administered the proposals of the High Judicial Council, for the appointment of 4 (four) new members in the High Court, who have been selected to be appointed to this Court through promotion procedures from the ranks of the judiciary.

President Meta, after reviewing the decision of the High Judicial Council and the proposals forwarded by this body, together with the documentary practice of promotion to the High Court, from the ranks of judges, for four vacant positions in the field of criminal law , announced for competition on 09.07.2020, pursuant to article 93 and article 136 of the Constitution, article 48, paragraph 11, of law no. 96/2016 “On the status of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, has finally accepted the proposals of the HJC, deciding that:

• Mr. Sokol Binaj to be appointed a judge of the High Court;
• Mrs. Albana Boksi to be appointed a judge of the High Court;
• Mr. Sandër Simoni to be appointed a judge of the High Court;
• Mr. Klodian Kurushi to be appointed a judge of the High Court.

Together with these 4 (four) new appointments, the High Court, as of today, becomes 7 (seven) members, out of 19 members that it should have, according to the decision of the HJC.

An entire 1 (one year) has passed from the moment of the proposal by the HJC, of the appointment of the first 3 members in the High Court. If the HJC will follow this pace, then the High Court will be completed with the entire judicial body, by March 2024!

This situation is unacceptable for the President of the Republic and should concern everyone.

The HJC must be seriously engaged in pursuing the procedures for other appointments to the High Court at a faster pace, acting with independence, integrity, and transparency, in order to fill the High Court as soon as possible with all the necessary body and to provide this Court with all necessary support at the same time.

The High Court faces a very big challenge, to fulfill the obligation to review a high number of cases pending. (about 35,000 court cases awaiting review).

President of the Republic, considers to bring once again to the attention of the members of the High Judicial Council and all other institutions involved in this process, that the fast and fully functional functioning of the High Court is of vital importance for the country, and is directly related to the European integration and stability of Albania and the respect of fundamental human rights and liberties.

Completion with all the necessary judicial body of the High Court should be the main priority of the High Judicial Council, as it is directly related not only to the proper functioning of the judicial system, respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, and the preservation of economic stability of the Albanian state, but on the other hand is a vital issue for the European future of Albania.