President Meta pays homage and honors erudite Moikom Zeqo: He has always put his rare knowledge and wisdom in the service of national and public causes and, in the service of truth.

President Meta pays homage and honors erudite Moikom Zeqo: He has always put his rare knowledge and wisdom in the service of national and public causes and, in the service of truth.

President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta paid homage today at the National Historical Museum for the passing of the prominent Albanian writer, archaeologist, politician and erudite Moikom Zeqo.

After placing a wreath of flowers and leaving his note in the Book of Wisdom, personally expressing his condolences to the members of the Zeqo family and relatives, the President of the Republic noted:

“Today is a really sad moment for me personally, to say goodbye to an extraordinary and versatile personality like Moikom Zeqo, whom I not only had the good fortune to read before I met him, at a very young age, but also to know him closely in very difficult moments and to learn a lot from him.

Moikom Zeqo is one of those people who are very rare for knowledge from various fields. All the more so for a country like ours. But it makes him even rarer, which is why we will miss more his absence in the future, the fact that his knowledge always put in the service of the greatest causes, of national causes, of public causes and always in the service of the truth.

Today I was reading in particular a post by Spiro Dede, as I have read many writings and reactions of personalities who have known Moikom Zeqon all his life.

He recalled how fifty years ago, while Moikom Zeqo had some visions that seemed imaginary to his friends and peers, he told them but they did not see. And what set him apart, I think Moikom Zeqo, as the missionary he was, is that he had an imagination and had a very far-sighted vision.

He has always been on the right side of history and that is why today everyone knows that they have lost something of themselves.

It was a personality that gave society much more than it took from it.

Undoubtedly, he is a personality who left behind an extraordinary work, for the excellent protection he has given to our national and cultural history and heritage, but also for the critical look that always required a fairer, more inclusive, more humane Albania, an Albania in the service of ordinary citizens.

For all this, he will undoubtedly remain an inspiring personality for the future, for all and especially I wish and hope for the younger generation. “

To the question of the media representatives regarding the political contribution of Moikom Zeqo in the Socialist Party, President Meta answered:

“Moikom Zeqo was a personality who could immediately move on with the Democratic Movement in the early 1990s, but he did not.

He did not deny his own convictions and character, for he was a leftist in his convictions, but he was undoubtedly a leftist with strong democratic convictions, and he showed this throughout his life.

He was one of the main contributors to the opening, the emancipation of the Socialist Party, the support of young people like my work then, and many others like Pandeli Majko, to make a transformation of the left in Albania and to build a competitive alternative. And this was happening in the darkest moments of the left, so we’re talking about the end of 1991, the beginning of 1992 and so on.

What is clear is that Moikom Zeqo, even within his political family, has always been a personality, like himself, that is, like rarely others, always critical, always principled.

A personality who was always problematic with any kind of power, but who was always loved, adored by citizens, by people, by readers, by endless lovers, who appreciated his virtues, his knowledge and his lack of compromises. to place his interest before the public interest or before the national interest.

It is a high figure, very adored, not only within the country, but all over the Albanian world, wherever Albanians live and for all those who are proud of our history, our traditions, our culture, our heritage and those who are fighting to protect them.”