Statement of the Institution of the President of the Republic

Statement of the Institution of the President of the Republic

President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta today on 28.12.2020, has administered by the Justice Appointments Council the Final List of Ranking of the Candidates allowed for candidacy and the Reasoned Ranking Report for filling the vacancy in the Constitutional Court, early vacancy, created after the premature termination of the mandate of the former judge Besnik Muçi, announced by the President of the Republic with Decree no. 11364, dated 22.11.2019.

According to the documentary practice submitted, the Justice Appointments Council with decision no. 66, dated 28.12.2020, has decided the approval of the final list of candidates for judge in the Constitutional Court, in the vacant position, early vacancy, announced by President of the Republic on 22.11.2019, as following:

1) Sonila Bejtja 76.83 Points

President Meta, after getting acquainted with and evaluating the documentary practice of decision-making of the Justice Appointments Council; as well as assessing at the same time the vital need that the country has for the fulfillment and functioning as soon as possible, and above all in a stable manner of the Constitutional Court, at the end of the review, pursuant to Articles 93, 125 paragraph 1, 127 paragraph 3, 129, 149/d paragraph 1, of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, articles 7, 7/a paragraph 4, 7/b, 7/dh paragraph 2, of law no. 8577, dated 10.02.2000 “On the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania”, as amended, without any delay, by Decree no. 11886, dated 28.12.2020, has decided that:

– Mrs. Sonila Bejtja to be appointed a judge in the Constitutional Court