Message of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta wishing a Happy New Year 2022

Message of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta wishing a Happy New Year 2022

Dear citizens,

Sisters and brothers,

Dear compatriots everywhere you are!

I convey to you the most cordial wishes for a New Year, which will see Albania more democratic and just, more united and stronger, but also Albanians healthier and prosperous!

Therefore together, we must mobilize the most positive strength and energies of our nation, but also the brightest minds to overcome the great challenges ahead!

Let us not give in to indifference, exclusion and anger!

Let us not allow the truth to be flooded with nonsense, passivity and submission!

With hope, faith, work, perseverance, involvement and love we can achieve everything.

In May 1992, Albania was the first country in the region that started a new contractual relationship with the European Union.

Therefore, I wish that 30 years later, we finally mark a new step in our delayed membership process to the European Union, through a greater involvement and civic activism for the fulfillment of this strategic aspiration.

We must protect our national values, respect liberties, rights and human dignity, and we must commit to our young people, offering them every opportunity to build a European future here, in their Homeland!

The European Albania that we all love, is adorned even more, when its natural beauties are enriched with the beauties of work and vitality of our people and in the first place, of our youth.

With this message, I want to join you dear compatriots, wherever you are, at your homes and families, wishing you from the bottom of my heart good health, peace, happiness, and prosperity!