The message of President Meta on the ocassion of the begining of the new school year

The message of President Meta on the ocassion of the begining of the new school year

Dear students and parents,
Honorable teachers and heads of educational institutions,

Today Albanian society launches another new journey towards knowledge and construction of a bright future, which can only be if quality education of the new generation is guaranteed.

The biggest investment for society is the right education of youth. This is how sustainable and long-term progressive development is guaranteed, but also safe integration in the European family.

It is the day to forcefully stress that every child who because of poverty is impossible to go to school should be integrated into the education system, through concrete rights and social policies that declare war on poverty and unemployment.

But I can’t help but repeat the call to parents and children, who with or without reason have abandoned school, to return to it as soon as possible.

I’m very concerned that the overwhelming part of our young people, especially our students, still want to leave the country. We must discourage as a society the brain drain of the most creative forces of society, offering our young people more hope and education and work alternatives.

The deeply disturbing phenomenon of depopulation is a national emergency, which has directly influenced the education sector, with a decrease in the number of students in schools and population aging.

It’s time not only to think seriously, but also to react strongly to protect our future from this horrible social erosion, values and faith. I am convinced that youth will lead us in this process, just like 30 years ago!

These Albanian education challenges, this New School Year, are also increased the great difficulties created in facing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the new conditions it is extremely necessary to respect health protocols in all educational institutions, with the main objective of protecting the health and life of every student and teacher.

I hope the government and the Ministry of Education, beyond propaganda, have taken all measures to guarantee a normal learning process, without consequences on further deteriorating the truly disturbing situation.

A very special wish for much success and a good school year I have to all the little ones who will sit for the first time in school!

Gratitude to all teachers, who with dedication and sacrifices educate the young generations!

Time for everyone to contribute so that Albania is no longer the place of broken hopes!