Message of President Meta on the occasion of Youth Day

Message of President Meta on the occasion of Youth Day

Thousands of young Albanians voluntarily organized in and outside the country in the wake of the tragic earthquake of November 26, are tirelessly leading the cause of solidarity for the people severely affected by this treacherous natural disaster that hit the country.

Their tireless efforts to raise the material aids, funds and services they are providing to the day-to-day community are both emotional and inspiring and the most concrete example of humanitarian Albania we need more than ever today.

So today, on the occasion of December 8th, the Youth Day, I would like to thank with deep gratitude, every girl and boy who serves as a volunteer in community service.

You are wonderful and extraordinary!

I encourage and support you, in the example of the young men and women who 29 years ago flooded the streets and squares of Tirana to separate Albania from the darkness and isolation, to take possession, thanks to free spirit, energy, bravery, courage and pure ideals, the fates of our homeland, leading the democratic processes for building a secure future and full Europeanization of Albania.

Honor forever to the work of the leader of the Student Movement, Azem Hajdari and all the students of December ‘90!
“We want Albania to be like all Europe!”

Democracy is not negotiable, but it can only be protected and at all costs!