Message of President Meta on the occasion of “Europe Day”

Message of President Meta on the occasion of “Europe Day”

The vocation and European identity of the Albanian people has been defined by our National Hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu.

Centuries later, Albania became the first victim of Nazism in Europe, but lined up on the right side of history, to make an important contribution, starting with itself and continuing with the liberation of other peoples, in order for May 9, 1945 to come.

Isolated and forgotten for decades under the most brutal dictatorial regime on the continent, Albania strongly embraced the message of May 9 with the overthrow of that oppressive regime of liberties and human rights, to commit in their name and human dignity. human rights, peace and social progress, the only objective and comprehensive project that our country and the whole region needs, membership in the European Union.

In all these years of transition we have had extraordinary opportunities not only to fulfill the aspiration of the Students of December ’90 “We love Albania, like all of Europe”, but to make Albania, like all of Europe.

This will happen when all representatives of political parties think and act to strengthen the voice of the youth, guaranteeing them equal opportunities and chances to build a secure European future in their Homeland, to stop once and for all what Pope Francis has rightly described as the “demographic winter”, the country’s greatest drama.

It is time to help our citizens and Albania to get rid of any form of hybrid regimes, to move faster, without artificial obstacles, towards the opening of negotiations and membership in the European Union.