The message of President Meta on the International Day of Democracy

The message of President Meta on the International Day of Democracy

Dear friends,

Today is the International Day of Democracy.

At the heart of democracy lies the vote, political pluralism, the right of every citizen to elect and be elected.

Democracy means that every citizen decides for his or her own future. For every citizen to have confidence in his or her role in democracy. That every citizen has the opportunity to influence decision-making. To make it transparent, through accountability at every local and national level.

Democracy means that every citizen is equal before the law.

Unfortunately, many of these principles and values, which are the pillars and the heart of the democratic world, have been belittled in our country.

There is a big disappointment. Not on the democracy we brought in December of 1990, but for the ugly form it took in 30 years. Albania’s dramatic depopulation and loss of hope, especially among the younger generation, is the most painful and unfortunate indicator. Look where we are today: last in the region for the EU gate. And yet no one bears responsibility. On the contrary, there is even more deepening in lawlessness.

The dangerous phenomenon of the parallel state of propaganda and PPPs, and the underground agendas that have seized Albania by its throat, are nothing more than a conspiracy against democracy, its value and principle, against the sovereignty of all citizens who want a true European and Western democracy.

Therefore today we have a common historical mission: To save democracy from the hostage-taking of an irresponsible and illegitimate minority!

There is no time to wait!

This is our battle! Of the free, honest and hardworking people, of our wonderful youth! And to all of us who love Albania with our hearts and souls! And I’m more determined than ever!

For a democratic Albania, like all Europe!

Because freedom, democracy and human dignity are non-negotiable!

Protecting democracy today is a patriotic task to restore the confidence of every citizen and every young person that the best future is only here and that requires everyone’s contribution for change.

The solution is not leaving the country, but awakening and change!

Leaving the country is of interest to those who want to empty Albania from the Albanians, therefore they have long planned the slow assimilation of democracy and the rule of law.

Let’s turn Albania over to Albanians and only to them! Because our youth can find abroad everything they lack here today, but they will never find Homeland!

The “block-men” regime was much more difficult than the oligarchs’ regime to overthrow!

The solution is not the infant retreat and excuses, but confrontation with evil and wickedness!