The message of President Meta on the National Day of Justice

The message of President Meta on the National Day of Justice

“Any deed that destroys the rights of someone in forbidding his life, the freedom and his property, it is a fault. Faults are forbidden by the Government that is obliged to preserve life, the freedom and the property of every human being.”

Today we remember the National Day of Justice, with these lines of the preface of the “Kanun of Zhuria” (Law of the Court), approved by the government of Ismail Qemali on May 10, 1913. This was the first act after the Declaration of Independence that determined the organization and functioning of the courts in the Albanian judicial system.

The simplicity, clarity and independence that was guaranteed in that first act for the organization of the courts, today, on this marked day of Albanian justice, should make us reflect strongly on the importance of full, uninterrupted, independent functioning and impartial of the entire justice system in Albania.

Today, when the lack of the functioning of the Constitutional Court is disabling the main mechanism for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, May 10th of the Justice Day is not complete.

Today, 107 years after the “Kanun of Zhuria”, we must continue to defend even more strongly and willingly, the constitutional principles for an independent and functional judiciary that every citizen deserves, in the spirit of the Constitution adopted by them by referendum since November 22nd, 1998.

A special congratulation goes today to the Venice Commission, that on this very same day, celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding. On this marked day let me single out a part of the statement of the President of the Venice Commission, Mr. Gianni Buquicchio given on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this organization.

Despite this success, many challenges remain and the current Covid-19 crisis reminds us that progress is never irreversible. We must safeguard pluralistic democracy and prevent its degeneration into an authoritarian regime, where the winner takes all.

In my view, the Commission is needed now more than ever before, to defend and promote, in partnership with the bodies of the Council of Europe and the European Union:

• Respect for the rule of law and, in particular, the independence of the judiciary;
• Checks and balances within a functioning democratic system;
• Free and fair elections;
• Respect for human rights, including in emergency situations.”

Happy Justice Day Albania!
The Constitution is the highest law in the Republic of Albania!