Brigadier General Piro AHMETAJ

Brigadier General Piro AHMETAJ,

Defense Adviser


Born on March 10, 1963. Brigadier General Ahmetaj has 35 years of active service experience in the AAF, of which 20 years in senior positions and functions in the General Staff, Ministry of Defense, and NATO and since January 2014 at the cabinet of the President of the Republic of Albania.


He has completed 3 years of Military University (1986), 2 years General Staff Defense Academy in Albania (2002-2004) and also the senior level of NATO Defense College of Rome (2006).


1986 – 1992, from platoon up to battalion commander of Shkoder military establishments, and also from 199 – 1998 as Deputy Military Police Unit in Vlore;


1999 – 2008 in the MOD/GS Strategic Planning and Integration department, contributing to technical negotiations before /after NATO membership;


March 2009 to September 2013 the National Military Representative (NMR) in the Supreme Allied Command of NATO (SHAPE), when he has submitted several MoU & TA Agreements with NATO;


Rank achievements: Capitan on 1992; Major 1998; LTC on 2004 and colonel on 2008; and by President’s decree no. 8232, dated 24.06.2013, was promoted by Brigadier General, from the NMR position to the Supreme Allied Command of NATO (SHAPE), Belgium;


By decree of the President of the Republic no. 8237, dated 28.06.2013, was appointed Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces;


By decree of the President, no. 8459, dated 17.01.2014, was released from D/CHOD position, and
with no. 300 since January 2014 was appointed as the Defense Adviser to the President.


Distinguished expertize in the presentation of NATO Membership Documents (MAP/ PARP); SSK (2004, 2014); MS (2007); LTDP 2008-2020, as well as expert of suggesting and drafting a Platform for Reforming the entire National Security and Defense System of Albania.


He has completed Master’s Degree in Global Security and is pursuing the PhD program: “On the Level
of Ambition of the Republic of Albania in the framework of national security, NATO and international operations and engagements”.


He has followed about fifty short, and mid-term courses in deference security centers and institutions such as Brussels, Washington, New York, London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Ottawa, Moscow, Warsaw, Geneva, etc.


He has a well-known profile and integrity in the strategic security community, etc., having published over about 100 assessments in the country’s and internationally written press coverage on National, Regional, NATO, UN, EU Security, etc.


For outstanding dedication and contributions, during the 35-year career in the AAF, especially during/after the Euro-Atlantic integration process, he has been distinguished with Orders, Decorations and Medals by the High State and NATO Authorities.


He is married to Mrs. Lindita and they have two adults children, a son, Arlind (25 years old), and a daughter, Esmeralda Ahmetaj (23 years old).