President Meta interview for Italian television “RAI NEWS 24”

President Meta interview for Italian television “RAI NEWS 24”

Question (Journalist Andrea Gerli): Mr. President, can you please tell us how important your mission in Italy and how did you decide and why to send your doctors here?

President Meta: Bungiorno Italia! Ce la faremo! Andra tutto bene! This humanitarian mission it’s a demonstration of the solidarity of Albanian people and institutions to Italy and to the Italian people. It’s not just a simple gesture of solidarity, but it is a demonstration of gratitude also that Albanian people have for everything Italy and Italian people have done historically to assist us, to help us in the most difficult periods of our nation, of our country and of our people. This is a very historic relationship which dates back centuries since many Arbëresh who were force to leave Albania to go to Italy of that time, to southern and central part of the country, in order to save their lives from the Ottoman Empire.

Question: Our Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte is very thankful for your mission here. How important is in your opinion the cooperation between country’s to fight Coronavirus?

President Meta: This is a common challenge, because it is a common threat for our countries, for our people, in particular our relationship between Italy and Albania, and Italian and Albanian people is so strong considering, not only the old Albanian community living in Italy, Arbëresh community I mean, but always the new community’s that came to Italy in the last three decades, and considering also the Italian community here in Albania which is growing year by year.

In this frame Italy is going to pay a very high price and it is very important for Italy to succeed as soon as possible. This is a common battle for all of us and that’s also one of the main message for this time of 30 doctors and nurses coming from Albania in the most affected area in the northern Italy, to contribute as much as we can in order to give this strong message of solidarity, but always to exchange experience in this new battle with not a very known enemy.

Journalist Andrea Gerli: Thank you very much for your time Mr. President and for this interview!

President Meta: Thank you for your attention and I wish the best to you and to all Italian people. Andra tutto bene!