Ilda ZHULALI – Advisor for European Integration

ILDA ZHULALI Ilda ZHULALI was appointed as Advisor for European Integration of the President of the Republic in September 2017.

Earlier she held the position of Political Advisor of the President of the Republic, during April 2014 – July 2017.

Mrs. Zhulali has a broad experience in foreign affairs, and her area of expertise includes European integration and the Western Balkans region. During her career, she has represented Albania in various high level meetings and conferences.

Upon her return to Albania in 2001, she worked as a career diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs holding different positions as expert in regional affairs, Director and Director General for European Affairs, until October 2013.

Ilda Zhulali graduated with Honors from the American College of Thessaloniki in 2001, majoring in “History and International Relations, with concentration in Foreign Affairs”. She is recipient of two academic awards and full scholarship for her studying years.

She was recipient of 2003-2004 Chevening Albania Scholarship, and completes with merit her “Postgraduate Studies in Diplomacy” from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

Mrs. Zhulali is fluent in English and Italian, and has good knowledge of Turkish and Greek. She is married, and has one son.