President Meta’s denouncement of the coup d’etat steps

President Meta’s denouncement of the coup d’etat steps


Step one

The theft of the 2017 elections, using the problematic guys, according to file 184 of Dibra and file 339 of Shijak, that are moving like a tennis table (ping-pong) ball from one prosecutor’s office to another.

The use of State Police in rigging the elections, as these files show, inspired also by the Prime Minister Edi Rama’s public appeal to any police officer to campaign for the Socialist Party.

Step two

The anti-constitutional capture of the Prosecutor’s Office with 69 votes (out of 84 votes determined in the Albanian Constitution, unanimously approved by 140 votes), and with it also the investigation, to ensure their total impunity, in order to close any criminal charge case against them and their associates, to use as a means of blackmail against the political opponents.

Step three

They provoked the opposition to leave Parliament and hurried to replace 182 MPs and candidates of the opposition for MPs, in an unconstitutional and illegal manner, with only one administrative act. Even today, after one year, Parliament is in a serious anti-constitutional situation (122 MPs on paper out of 140 required by the Constitution).

Step four

Through the monist Parliament they adopted a resolution against the decrees of the President of the Republic for the elections of June 30th elections. The Renaissance party organization at the Central Election Commission went as far as to even overthrow the President’s decrees by openly violating the Constitution.

Failure to publish the President’s Decree about the October 13th elections in the Official Gazette in violation of the law.

They organized illegal one-party elections, seized 100% of local government, and all 61 municipalities became monist, along with their municipal councils.

Step five

They adopted the KÇK (Grab What You Can) to utterly destroy justice and to fully entrust it to the claws of the government and police, to block any opportunity to punish Renaissance criminalization and corruption, and to intercept anyone in a mafia and illegal way anyone who denounces them and tells the truth about them.

Step six

To ultimately capture the media and AMA (Audiovisual Media Authority) they adopted the so-called “Anti-Defamation” law, although the Council of Europe was completely against it, so much that it was forced to address it to the Venice Commission itself.

Step seven

The attempt to capture the Constitutional Court through falsification, fraud and violation of the Constitution and law by the Chair of the Justice Appointments Council, Ardian Dvorani, by the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj and the Assembly of Albania, making all institutions of the state, totally captured by the government, part of the coup d’état. This step aimed at the final elimination, not only of the independence of the Constitutional Court, but also of any possibility for accountability in the Republic of Albania, putting into question also the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Last step

The anti-constitutional approval of the swearing-in law of the Constitutional Court’s judges (without waiting for the Venice Commission whom they themselves requested to come to our country) in order to appoint as its members Renaissance members the Dvoranis, Artas and Etildas.

Then there was the final step: the dismissal of the President of the Republic of Albania, at the behest of the UDB, to elect a President with “Ethics” who will lobby and sign for the partition of Kosova and any other anti-national project.

But for 100 years, the Albanians have been divided by the Traitor Esat Pasha.

Dear citizens,

I would like to invite you all on March 2nd, at 17:00, to the Nation’s Martyrs Boulevard against the coup d’état and in defense, not only of the integrity of the Constitutional Court and of the Constitution, but also of our own state, nation and national interests as well

Albanians united against the unmasked coup organizers!