Statement by President Meta during the press conference!

Statement by President Meta during the press conference!

Welcome to the post-April 25 era of political pluralism.

Of course I do not think there is much reason for anyone to be happy, but at least we should be pleased that we are passing the pre-April 25 era of the monist parliament. And now, we are returning to an era of parliamentary political pluralism.

Despite the fact that the elections are not over yet, we must be patient until all the appeal processes are completed according to the applicable code.

During this period we have had constant requests from you for public appearances regarding the latest show of the monist parliament.

You know that we have tried to stay away from that show, because it has been clearly a show, to divert attention from investigating electoral crimes and from uncovering them, as well as to draw attention to the culprit who did not exist.

I emphasize my readiness, as you know, even though Parliament has been dismissed since April 25, to meet the initiators of this show within the legal deadline which was exactly the date of May 10 and about which I announced many days ahead and this request made by me was rejected.

They were dictated that the President should leave the scheduled 10-day ahead meeting, according to state protocol, with the Austrian Foreign Minister.

Or the meeting with the President of Slovenia, to submit to the whims of the 120th Parliament.

Now let us start with the involvement of the President in the campaign, who involved the President in the campaign?!!!

So, who involved the President in the campaign, on March 10, 2021?

On the day of the presentation of the candidates of the Socialist Party …!

In the video shown are the billboards placed all over Albania in which President Ilir Meta is also in them ..! And be sure that all these that were shown, were put neither by the President nor by anyone from the opposition.

As you are aware, the local government is controlled by only one party, but also the State Police and all other institutions.

But in addition to this involvement, is a fact, which has been seen by everyone everywhere, has been denounced according to the law and the Electoral Code at the institutions of the Prosecution.

For all this, we still do not have some clue if anyone has been arrested, who has committed such a completely illegal act, and very costly.

Because these billboards cost a lot.

I will not furtherly make you or all Albanians tired with this, because they have been here and everyone knows what happened.!

We are not giving a show here to state what has been said against the President.

It is now obviously clear that all of the President’s concerns have been verified.

It would have been good to have had model elections, but all those who want to know, know very well that the President has made every effort to prevent the degradation of the election standard.

It is unfortunate that the number of denunciations of electoral crimes, before and during the election process is many times higher than that of 2017.

This happened due to the non-investigation of the files of Dibra and Shijak, but not only that.

But also because of the challenge that has been made publicly, to repeat the “earthquake” of Dibra in Vlora, and consequently throughout Albania.

I do not want to take any more time on these issues, I have no worries about the desperate act of Parliament that wad dismissed on April 25.

I look forward with great calm and patience to the completion of the entire appealing process and will cooperate with the new majority, whoever they may be, and with the new opposition in the new Parliament.

I will always do so in compliance with the Constitution, the European integration process and the restoration of the accountability system, step by step, at all levels.

But at least there are all the possibilities for this to start happening in the new Assembly.