Press statement of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta

Press statement of the President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta

First of all, I would like to congratulate today all the citizens of Kosova on this very important day of liberation and freedom that the people of Kosova have won, congratulations that I conveyed today directly in a friendly meeting that we had in the morning with the President of Republic of Kosova, Mr. Hashim Thaçi.

At the same time, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our allies, to NATO and to the United States of America, for the great contribution they have made, so that not only Kosova can be liberated and gain freedom, but also be today, as has been clearly proven for more than two decades, a factor of peace and stability in our region.

I would like to single out in terms of the legislative process during this week, the decree with approval and promulgation of law no. 61/2020 “On some changes and additions to law no. 43/2015, ‘On the electricity sector’, as amended”, as a very positive and necessary act, which reflected the recommendations given by the Secretariat of the Energy Community.

In the meantime, I would like to emphasize once again that I have returned the law no. 64/2020 “On an addition to law no. 92/2014, “On value added tax in the Republic of Albania”, as amended“, which provides for the exemption from VAT of yachts and other water vehicles used for pleasure and entertainment purposes and also tourism.

I have made this return with full conviction based on the Constitution for the protection of the public interest, moreover that at this moment, such an initiative does not meet the vital and real needs that the country is going through, nor the forecasts of the World Bank and other institutions for the post-pandemic period caused by COVID-19.

I hope that the Assembly will consider this decree with impartiality and objectivity.

At the same time, I have returned the law no. 63/2020 “On the improvement of business areas (BID)“.

With this act, if approved, small grouped businesses in certain areas will be obliged to pay additional obligations in the form of membership quotas, for an unsolicited and unvoted membership!

This law contradicts the freedom of economic activity, the exercise of the right to private property with all its rights, but above all the manner of administration of public funds at the local level and the exercise of the powers and responsibilities of the units of local self-government.

I hope that this act will also reflect that our centers of civilization, which also reflect the local cultural identity, will not be treated through the coercive force of law, as if they were commercial centers. But allow the local business breathe freely!

And finally, I want to dwell on the most important issue of this week in my assessment, which is precisely the meeting of the National Council for European Integration, which took place on June 9th.

It is known that these weeks are very important for the process of integration, the opening of negotiations. The European Commission will present the negotiating framework and a report on the implementation of the conditions by Albania.

At the meeting of the National Council for European Integration, which took place on June 9, I, as President, presented some assessments and suggestions on how this process should be conducted.

I emphasize that first of all, a structured interaction and comprehensive cooperation is needed so that the conditions do not remain unfulfilled and that the opening of negotiations does not remain in a stalemate.

Today, we will forward to the National Council for European Integration the full comments with concrete suggestions on the action plan drafted by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This detailed document will also be made public on the official website of the Institution of the President.

I wish to emphasize once again that the implementation of the 15 conditions and obligations of the Stabilization and Association Agreement are the only way to make credible progress, as defined by the new methodology of the European Union.

We have a very good opportunity to make real progress not only domestically, but also at EU level, as it is known that on July 1, the next EU Presidency will be taken over by Germany.

I very much hope that we will respond with the same seriousness just as they have been following this process for years and continuously, making previously unknown efforts so that the door of European integration is always open for Albania.