On 10 June 2019, I revoked Decree No.10928, dated 05.11.2018 “On Setting Election Date for Local Government Bodies”, canceling June 30 2019 as the date of elections for the local government bodies in the Republic of Albania.

This decision, among other things, was intended to provide all sides with an opportunity for reflecting and creating a new space for dialogue, finding a solution that would serve the national interest and the common European agenda of Albania.

In particular, this initiative aimed at assisting the public efforts of Prime Minister Rama for dialogue, after having written seven long public letters to the head of the opposition Mr. Basha.

But in the most disappointing way, under his directives, the Parliament adopted a parliamentary resolution calling on all state institutions not to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic, despite the fact that this Decree was published in the Official Gazette and its implementation was mandatory to all, including the Albanian Parliament.

Yesterday, Electoral College adjudicated a political party’s request against a CEC decision, preventing it from unregistering from fictional elections of June 30.

The Electoral College decided against the petition of this political force to unregister in these imaginary elections.

The decision taken yesterday by the Electoral College regards only the relationship between the petitioning subject and the socialist organization in the CEC, who have decided to hold on to an illegal process on 30 June.

Dear citizens,

The President of the Republic, following the misinforming campaign, deliberately spread in the media, finds it necessary to clarify that:

 – In this process, the Electoral College was unable to review the validity of the Decree of the President of the Republic, because the Constitution does not allow for exercise of such powers;

 – The Institution of the President of the Republic has not been summoned by this electoral court as a party to the adjudicating process, and therefore the decision taken cannot produce any legal effect, both on the Decree and on the annulment of election date;

– Pursuant to Articles 145, 155, 156, 158 of the Electoral Code and provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, yesterday’s Electoral College decision affects only the parties to this process and only on what is decided between those two parties: i.e. between the socialist organization in the Central Election Commission and the political ally of the Socialist Party;

– Yesterday’s decision taken by the Electoral College is a procedural trick to politically justify the unlawful activity of the socialist organization in the CEC, and a desperate attempt to construct a propaganda operation in and out of the country to indirectly demonize the Head of State’s decision. This is a failed operation because it does not affect the validity of the Decree of the President of the Republic;

– It is clear that this decision of the Electoral College, orchestrated and foretold long ago, has been taken under the conditions of majority’s pressure and political blackmail.

Dear citizens,

All that was seen yesterday was an ordinary show having nothing to do with the state order and the rule of law.

We are in a paradoxical situation where the President of the Republic pursuant to the Constitution has annulled by Decree a mono-party electoral process that was earlier scheduled for 30 June, while the majority and the socialist organization of the CEC, in full illegality, continue the “theatrical play” to hold a voting process which legally no longer exists in the Republic of Albania.

The Decree of the President No. 11199, dated 10.06.2019, revoking the Decree for June 30, as the date for local government elections, was taken in full compliance with the Constitution and the fundamental principles upheld by it, especially political pluralism.

Consequently, only the Constitutional Court, only it and no other, may adjudicate the validity of the Decree of the President of the Republic.

This act is in force and its implementation is compulsory to all.

The President calls on the majority to step back from going deeper in this state of lawlessness and to stop its blackmailing against independent institutions, because nothing and no one can justify it before law.

Meanwhile, as the President of the Republic, I continue to be patient, waiting for them to reflect, and to realize that they have responsibilities not only to their followers, but to all citizens and Albanian taxpayers, and especially to the European future of Albania, which is being jeopardized.

I insist that the only way to solve the crisis is through political dialogue and abiding to law by all.