Press conference of President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta

Press conference of President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta


Firstly, I am initiating this weekly communication with you on the issue of the Final Opinion of the Venice Commission, due to the importance and urgency of the constitutional establishment of the Constitutional Court as soon as possible.

As you are aware of, through my Spokesman Mr. Tedi Blushi, three days ago, as President of the Republic, – as I have always been tireless during these three years in seeking cooperation for the constitutional implementation of the justice reform, I will continue to be so even after the Final Report of the Venice Commission – today we have forwarded the official letter to the Speaker of the Assembly to hold a meeting as soon as possible he has the opportunity, starting from next Monday.

You will say why on Monday and not yesterday, Thursday? Because today we have finally translated into Albanian in a certified and official way the Final Report of the European Commission for Democracy through the Law, that is, the Venice Commission.

This is already an official document and with full responsibility from the Institution of the President and very soon it will be posted on our official website, but at the same time it will be officially sent to all other institutions in the country, including the Albanian Parliament and the Justice Appointments Council which is also the key and a vital element, as reinforced by “Venice”, to guarantee and protect the constitutionality of this important process.

In case they have also made an official certified translation, we welcome their document for cooperation which again emphasizes “Venice”.

So you too will have finally a translated Final Report into Albanian. Of course it has not been an easy task, because it is a very specific and specialized language. This is very important, because the Constitutional Court must be as soon as possible functional in the interest of the Albanian people, our citizens, the well-being of the state and institutions, but at the same time in terms of the process of opening negotiations, because it is already a top condition by the European Parliament.

Undoubtedly, the Bundestag, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Danish Parliament and others have receives it and will receive the Final Report of “Venice” in the original English version.

Therefore on this occasion I want to express once again the determination of the President of the Republic to always be cooperative with all institutions, as has always been the case, so that in Albania the justice reform wins the lost pace and at the same time wins and regains the trust of citizens.

This is achieved, not through interpretations according to the wishes or interests of each, but only through respect for the Constitution and the law by all.

Secondly, implementing the recommendations of the Venice Commission is the only way forward. These recommendations are already clear in Albanian, as Albanian institutions must always work in our native language. Undoubtedly, we are ready to cooperate with all institutions, starting with the Albanian Parliament and all other institutions.

The second important issue is the latest development regarding the indictments made public against the President of Kosovo, H. E. Hashim Thaçi and at the same time the former Speaker of the Assembly and Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosova, Mr. Kadri Veseli.

Of course this is a very challenging development, which I am absolutely sure it will be faced with a lot of wisdom, unity and foresight. Not only from these two personalities, first of all from the President of Kosova, who has also been the main political leader of the Kosova Liberation Army, but also from Mr. Veseli. Above all considering that this is not their individual or institutional challenge.

I am also convinced that this will be met with a lot of dignity and accountability, apart from short-term calculations by all political classes in Kosova.

It is not the first time that we have indictments against the leaders of the Kosova Liberation Army.

We already have the experience of these 20 years, where the lost side, which caused the war and the genocide, which was itself responsible for the creation of the KLA as the only way to gain freedom and human dignity, and to escaped extinction by the people of Kosova, has turned the KLA stain into a strategy of its own. Not only that, but possibly the damage to the functioning of the state of Kosova, whose independence has not only been recognized and confirmed by the International Court of Justice for a long time, but at the same time has shown to be a factor of stability in the region in which we live.

On this occasion, I would like to express once again my solidarity as President of the Republic, but also as a friend and comrade with the President of Kosova, but also with the Chairman of PDK, Mr. Veseli, and I am sure that they will face this moment with dignity and responsibility, doing another service to confirm the justice of the KLA war, but also to overthrow this very wrong and provocative strategy, which seeks to hold hostage our entire region and slow down the process of the European integration and possibly undermine those of Euro-Atlantic integration, as you have noticed in several other neighboring countries.