Deklarata e Presidentit Meta në zonën e ish-Kënetës në Durrës, pas vizitës në familjen Lala

Deklarata e Presidentit Meta në zonën e ish-Kënetës në Durrës, pas vizitës në familjen Lala

President Meta: Our priority is to find all the people under the rubble

President Meta: Residents affected by the earthquake should not lack the basic conditions for the time being.

November 27, 2019

President Meta: We are doing our best. Our first priority is to find all the people who are under the rubble, thanks to the international rescue teams that are assisting us, which are Romanians, Croats and from many other countries. The second priority is to assist people who cannot return to their homes because they have been damaged. We must now be capable of a total recovery of the consequences of this earthquake.

Question: Mr. President, other than meeting earthquake-affected families, the Lala family relatives, you also met other injured relatives, and promised that within two to three hours there would be assistance to help them. How will you help them?

President Meta: In the first place, I didn’t expect that there could be any shortages, especially here in this tragic area. As you said, there were some complaints about the lack of some elementary needs, which I promised would be resolved after two or three hours, because in the end I am the President of the Republic and will coordinate with everyone so that nothing is missing. I believe it was more a matter of organization than of these basic deficiencies that people needed.

Question: Will the other party listen to you asking for help, and what are the needs primarily?

President Meta: I think it’s a matter of organization that needs to be improved, as I said yesterday at the Niko Dovana Stadium.

It is a tragedy that we have not experienced for a very long time and there may be some confusion, but absolutely what I promised I will keep. Within two or three hours all the requirements they have will need to be met.

Question: Should measures have been taken as firefighters are working hand-in-hand, while colleagues from other countries have had high-tech equipment that helped with the condition of individuals who were under rubble?

President Meta: Today we are not here to make analysis! Today we are doing everything we can to bring every citizen of our country who is still under the ruins, in the hope that we will have others to have the fate of Klajdi, who was rescued at midnight last night.

And everything is being done by the best teams of Italy, Greece and other countries have come here with our forces. Secondly, to provide the necessary conditions for all other families until we have the opportunity to recover from these consequences in the long run. At a later time we have time for analysis.