Public appeal of President Meta regarding the measures to be taken for coronavirus

Public appeal of President Meta regarding the measures to be taken for coronavirus

I have followed with great concern the developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, which have unfortunately been exacerbated when we all would like the opposite to happen.

On January 31 of this year, I publicly called for very strong sanitary-epidemiological measures to be taken from our country, even though Italy had only 2 cases of coronavirus.

Today the situation is much worse across the world, with 106 countries affected, with Italy having an extreme outbreak with over 5061 cases and about 233 deaths.

By assessing:

– this very serious regional epidemiological situation;

– the fact that the situation in Italy has been aggravated by crossing the “Red Zone”, escalating throughout its territory with a high mortality rate of about 4.4%, and imposing very strict restrictive measures on it;

– the very rapid growth of infected cases in Greece;

– the occurrence of cases of coronavirus in other countries of our region that resulted untouched;

– in the information provided by the World Health Organization on the characteristics of this virus and the serious risks it presents;

I appeal for:

Maximum strengthening of sanitary-epidemiological preventive measures is urgent;

Because the situation in Italy but also the increasing spread in Greece, two countries with which we have the most intense exchanges, imposes the application of the “Red Zone” measures, such as those taken in Italy, the application of all restrictions and actions that this regime requires, as well as taking vigorous and monitored organizational measures 24 hours a day;

The provision of full funding, far greater than the current one, to cope with the situation and ensure full and effective protection of all medical personnel mobilized to cope with the situation;

The commitment of all scientific human qualities, but also of those with experience in the field of epidemiology and hygiene, even outside active service.