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Commemorating 100 years of Albania – USA relations: statement at the event organized by AADF

Your Excellency, Ambassador Ms. Yuri Kim,

Dear Chairman, Mr. Michael Granoff,

Dear friends and guests,

First of all, let me thank you for the invitation and organizing tonight’s reception.

It is indeed a pleasure to be here, at another event, like many others organized this year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Albania and the United States of America.

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Our countries have outlasted a century of bilateral relations, which, due to various historical developments, has brought us together, has parted and reunited us again.

It has, especially, bonded us during critical moments for the existence of our state, for which our gratitude will endure onto centuries to come.

It parted us because of the cruelest dictatorship in the communist bloc; but it didn’t last; because we were reunited, again, through democracy and the values ​​that we share, the market economy, respect for human rights and the common vision for a world and a region in peace and stability.

We are proud of the consolidated strategic partnership between our two countries, demonstrated each time we find the support, we need, in the American government and people; or at times when we find ourselves, side by side, at important forums of international politics or peacekeeping missions across the world.

Albania remains committed to further strengthen the strategic partnership and explore every opportunity, on a diplomatic or economic level, to the benefit of our two countries.

When we talk about the support that the USA has given to Albania, in the last 30 years, and continues to give through various agencies, one can’t do otherwise, but express gratitude for the comprehensive work and activity of the Albanian-American Development Fund.

The support of the Fund in building a democratic society, in developing a stable economy, in strengthening entrepreneurship, trade, and tourism, has always been welcome and well-studied.

Your cooperation with various actors, at central and local level, with international partners and associations, to provide the necessary resources for the Albanian entrepreneurship has given life to local initiatives, promoting community development and economic growth.


The Albanian-American Development Fund has made a significant contribution through the implementation of projects, which respect sustainable development principles, build local capacities and promote employment opportunities.

For years, cultural tourism and eco-tourism have been considered potential areas for the economic development of the country, eventually placing Albania on the tourist maps, as an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world.

A very valuable contribution has been given in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage monuments, through the combination of technology and cultural heritage.

A week ago I paid a visit in Shkodra, where I visited the “Marubi” National Museum of Photography. The Fund has its valuable contribution in the revitalization of the Museum.

The 157-year-old archive, now digitized, is an incredible treasure that should be fervently preserved and proudly promoted at home and abroad.

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In particular, I want to thank the Albanian-American Fund for its contribution to the improvement of the Albanian education system; for the digital learning and technology support; for introducing innovative ideas and educational programs, in accordance with the best standards of our times, for our youth and professionals.

Numerous projects in support of education and scientific research have provided opportunities for intellectuals in Albania and the diaspora, increasing capacities in the Albanian higher education system and assisting our youth and academics.

Your help and support to these young people, intellectuals and professionals, does not only make them responsible citizens and contributors to the development of our country, but also sends them out as the best ambassadors of the excellent relations between Albania and the USA.

Thanking you once again for this reception, I wish you a successful continuation of your work in Albania!

And long life to the friendship between our two peoples and countries!

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