Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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“My Albania” Art Exhibition by Helidon Haliti Opens at the Presidential Institution. Begaj: Artists are the Best Ambassadors!

Today, the Presidential Institution hosted the opening of the art exhibition “My Albania” by the renowned painter Helidon Haliti.

The exhibition featured 50 watercolor paintings by the Master, depicting landscapes from various regions of Albania.

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President Begaj praised the dedication and works of artists, expressing that a society can never convey its fundamental values at the heart of human existence without supporting and respecting art and its creators.

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President Begaj acknowledged artists as “Albania’s best ambassadors” and proposed expanding the map of art centers throughout Albania, beyond just the capital, Tirana.

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“The Presidential Institution is open to exhibitions, but I believe such traveling exhibits could also be held in other cities. We shouldn’t view only Tirana as the art capital since other cities also deserve our attention. The opening of this exhibition, featuring scenes from Albanian regions, symbolizes not only the return of the professor to his homeland but also the presentation of this patriotic art.”

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The exhibition opening was attended by art students and pupils, artists, researchers, and numerous personalities from the diplomatic corps and Albanian society.

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