Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë

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580th Anniversary of the League of Lezhë, President Begaj: Unity and solidarity are essential for the protection of our common values and freedom

Today, President Bajram Begaj participated in the ceremony marking the 580th anniversary of the “League of Lezhë.” The union of nobles from different principalities on March 2, 1444, in Lezhë represents a unifying act with a European vision for Albanians.

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The President described the Arbëresh League, led by Skanderbeg, as evidence of unity, courage for freedom and independence, an example of resilience, and an invitation to commitment to the Albanian nation.

Referring to the “League of Lezhë,” the common resistance against any aggression, and the role of Albanians throughout history to the present day, the President emphasized the Albanian factor’s crucial role in the peace and Western orientation of the Balkans:

“In today’s geopolitical conditions, where challenges and threats to the sovereignty of peoples, including those in the Balkans, and European territorial integrity are current, especially due to Russian aggression against Ukraine, the League of Lezhë and the historical role of Albanians gain particular importance. They remind us that unity and solidarity are essential for the protection of our common values and freedom. They teach us that in the face of challenges, we cannot stand divided but only united.”

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While honoring the leaders who achieved the political and military alliance 580 years ago, the President underscored the importance of strengthening cooperation with NATO and persistently pursuing the journey towards full integration into the European Union.

“Undoubtedly, we must be aware of the challenges Albanians face within the country and throughout the region, but let us not forget that a day like today proves our ability to address any challenge. With our unwavering European orientation, let us continue to build on the solid foundations laid 580 years ago, always ready to embrace democratic changes

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Addressing the Arbëresh participants in the festive ceremony, the President of the Republic appreciated the contribution of this community to preserving identity. They are a living testament to the unity and strength of the Albanian identity, surviving despite borders and time, expressed President Begaj: “The act of the League of Lezhë and the example of the Arbëresh remind us that unity is the force that makes every dream of freedom and prosperity possible and inevitable.”

The Head of State expressed gratitude and honor for the sacrifices of all Albanians who, as he said, “were committed to the homeland we enjoy today and to follow the path they opened: the path of freedom, independence, and national dignity.”

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