Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë



President Begaj Addresses the Kosova Assembly on the 25th Anniversary of Kosova’s Liberation: “We Must Defend Freedom! Kosova is Not Alone”

President of the Republic of Albania, Bajram Begaj, delivered a speech at the solemn session of the Kosova Assembly commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Liberation.

He called for all-Albanian cooperation to protect the hard-won freedom through sublime sacrifices and for collaboration with international friends and strategic partners. President Begaj congratulated everyone on this momentous day, a sacred anniversary for all Albanians.

He honored the illustrious figures of Kosova, Ibrahim Rugova, Adem Demaci, Adem Jashari, and hundreds of fighters from the Kosova Liberation Army from Kosova, Albania, and the Diaspora, thanks to whom Kosova has reached this day.


 During his speech in the Assembly, President Begaj emphasized that Kosova was not alone, having support from Albania, the USA, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and NATO—strong supporters of its cause. This intervention stopped the ethnic cleansing and genocide and granted the right to freedom, he stated.

“The internationals,” he emphasized, “were the designers and implementers of Kosova’s state-building project.”

In the current geopolitical context, facing a malicious campaign by Serbia and its allies aimed at hindering the new state of Kosova, obstructing international aid in Albanian-Serbian coexistence, and tarnishing the war for Kosova’s liberation, President Begaj expressed the need more than ever for a manifesto of national pride.

“In the challenges of times, epochs, and injustices, Albanians hold their sense of Albanian identity sacred. Albanians need to preserve and strengthen their national and socio-cultural cohesion even today,” President Begaj remarked.

“We are aware that the cause of Kosova is not over, but we are steadfast in our belief that the reality, the Republic of Kosova, independent and sovereign, is indisputable and irrevocable. We have a responsibility to preserve and enhance peace, security, and development. Our aspirations for the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Albanian factor are stronger than ever. We will work tirelessly towards this goal,” said the President of Albania.


From the Kosova Parliament, President Begaj declared that the Albanian state feels it is its duty and mission to support every effort of the institutions of Kosova. He assured that Albania will work hard to utilize all capacities to expand the number of recognitions, to uncover the full truth of the crimes and genocide committed in Kosova.

“Kosova is not alone. Kosova will not be alone. Every battle of yours is our battle! Every success of yours is the success of all Albanians!” declared Bajram Begaj, President of the Republic of Albania, during his speech at the solemn session of the Kosova Assembly for the 25th anniversary of Liberation.