Presidenti i Republikës së Shqipërisë



President Begaj Meets with Representatives of the Albanian Diaspora in Germany

President Bajram Begaj of the Republic of Albania conducted a meeting today in Berlin with representatives of the Albanian diaspora in Germany.


Successful individuals from various fields; entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, educators, and youth organization activists, shared their experiences of collaboration with both the Albanian community and German citizens.

President Begaj expressed his congratulations for the accomplishments of each individual, acknowledging their personal achievements as a source of national pride.


He encouraged Albanian entrepreneurs to further support causes important to Albanians, particularly in promoting the teaching of the Albanian language among the children of Albanian emigrants or the newer diaspora, as it is now considered, from post-1990 migration to European countries.

The President appreciated initiatives taken to establish Albanian language schools and the volunteerism of Albanian language teachers. He also urged strengthening this cooperation so that future generations, alongside learning German and integrating into the local culture where they reside, do not forget their mother tongue and national identity.


Regarding youth interaction, the President valued the initiatives of students educated in German universities and stated that Albania always keeps its doors open for those who wish to return and invest their Western-acquired knowledge in their homeland.

This meeting was coordinated by the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Berlin.