The message of President Nishani wishing a Happy New 2016 Year

December 31st, 2015

Dear co-citizens,

Dear Albanians wherever you are,

Brothers and sisters,

Good evening to everyone!

Tonight is the night when Albanians gather in their families and households with their friends and beloved ones around the tables of rejoicing, hopes and new dreams in order to live together the ours, minutes and seconds that separate us from the begone year and looking forward to meet the new year ahead.

Tonight marks the evening of millions of well wishes for a better year, a more prosperous and lucky one that all Albanians exchange with one another in all four corners of the globe.

This marks the great night of unification and our human and spiritual solidarity – already a dear and beloved tradition established for years.

Therefore I feel the privilege to participate once again in this great holy day by conveying my heartfelt wishes addresses to all you, my compatriots.

The night of the years leaving and exchanging places with one another represents a night of joy, especially and particularly for the children.

They are the ones who celebrate the most and create that wonderful atmosphere without which this night would not enjoy such diversifying and beautiful colors.

Hence my first wish goes to them: Happy New Year to the children of Albania! May we have them full of life, beautiful, healthy, smiling, happy, and brimming with light like the future that we all dream about to build.

I would like to single out those compatriots who for one reason or the other can not be amidst their families and do not celebrate the New Year in their warm households.

Here I have in mind the sick people laying in hospitals; all those which this particular night finds on duty: the doctors, nurses, law enforcement officials, workers in other sectors since the country needs at any second services and law and order.

I also have a special wish address on behalf of all Albanians to our military servicemen in Afghanistan who uphold proudly our black and red national flag in their great world effort striving for peace, order, security and development.

Happy New Year 2016 to you all!

Thank you all for your work, efforts and sacrifices!

My wish for a better and happier New Year goes also to every family which tonight is missing their loved ones: to the orphans, to the secluded people, to the less unfortunate ones and to all those families that are facing economic hardships and who lack the means they would have liked.

May this New Year be the one of hope and good news to you all!

Dear co-citizens,

Sisters and brothers!

2015 which we are leaving behind was not an easy year which marked plenty of success, but difficulties and hardships also.

Europe was shaken not only by terrorist acts that aimed to strike at the core of our sublime values enjoyed and cherished by us all today – attacks that all the civilized and freedom loving nations responded in full unison and solidarity. This is the moment to evoke once again together fully convinced that will defeat and overcome any evil and threat against our common future and good.

But tonight marks also the moment to recall and remember two events that made 2015 a particularly historical year for Albania and Albanian nation.

Our National soccer team qualified for the very first time in its history to the European Championship Final that will be held in France on June of the upcoming year by filling an entire nation with pride and joy. We have already achieved our aim, but to further dream about it does not mean only daydreaming. Hence my wish and congratulation goes to our heroes and to our black and red fans for a dignifying representation of our national colors in France.

Also two weeks ago, Mother Teresa was officially proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis I, by making once again the entire Albanian nation proud – because that unique woman belong to, as she used to say and claim herself, from her blood and origin as well.

Among all these events, where our joy and pride culminate, there are other tens and hundreds events carrying national value among which I would like to particularly single out the 25th anniversary of the collapse of Communism in Albania – an event that once again conveyed the strong and clear message about the European future of Albania.

Sisters and brothers!

Unfortunately during this year, many of our co-citizens, mainly young people, abandoned and departed out Fatherland for a better life. The new exodus of Albanians marked the year 2015 as much as the above mentioned events by causing us pain and filling us with grief.

My thoughts and wishes go tonight to all those who have departed, who have left, alongside my sincere call and appeal to not abandon our country, but instead, to donate and bestow upon Albania all your deserved talent and hope that belongs to us all as well.

Let the difficulties and hardships experienced by citizens serve as a new appeal to decision makers, to heads of institutions and politicians in particular in order to do and fulfill the expectations of all Albanians. The reform in the Judiciary, the fight against corruption and arbitrariness, a great attention on the reality and requests of people in need represent the present time imperative for Albania and our direct responsibility in front of new and upcoming generations, in front of our children.

There is no more time left for empty and mere words, for rhetoric, for unnecessary conflicts. Our country needs more jobs, more hope, more dialogue. Our country faces the indispensability of more positivity.

My wish, and I am certain of all Albanians is for 2016 to mark a strong and sharp and positive turn throughout all domestic policy making serving the values of the human dignity of each and every one, of freedom, of equality in front of the law, of solidarity, of committed service to the citizens solving their daily hardships and problems.

Dear co-citizens!

The count down of minutes has already began. You all are getting ready to raise your glasses and toast and to exchange embraces with one another marking the change of years.

Please permit me to wish you wholeheartedly: A Happy New 2016 Year!

May it be a lucky and prosperous Year for you, your families, your relatives and friends as well! A New Year filled with more love and affection, more dedication and solidarity in our families, in our society, in our beloved Albania!

May God bless Albania and Albanians!

Happy New Year!