Odeta Nishani – The First Lady of Albania

The First Lady of Albania, Odeta Nishani is the daughter of Shegushe and Ali Kosova and also the mother of two children: Fiona and Ersi. Her father originates from a Kosova merchants’ family that settled in Durrës in 1905, while her mother comes from the Karaosmani family and whose grandfather was one of the signers of the Independence Act and who served as Minister of Agriculture in Ismail Qemali’s government.

Mrs. Nishani grew up in Elbasan and she completed her pre-higher education at Dhaskal Todri High School.

After that, the First Lady, Odeta Nishani graduated in Civil and Industrial Construction Engineering form Tirana Polytechnic University in 1993. She married with Mr. Bujar Nishani in 1994.

Mrs. Nishani started her professional career as Investments Director at the Military Academy and she continued for a decade as a Constructions’ Engineer and Constructer at the Institute of Studies and Projects.

The status of the First Lady, found Mrs. Nishani in the field of Tourism Development professionally serving as Director of Market Study and Tourism Statistics at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports. Mrs. Nishani holds a Master Degree in Tourism Management – a field where she has been contributing during the seven recent years.

The academic career of Mrs. Odeta Nishani has also been characterized and enriched as well by a series of training in her respective professional field – trainings that were held by international organizations and bodies mainly in the United States of America, Europe and Asia.