Ilia Jolldashi – Legal Advisor

He was born on June 15th, 1966 in Elbasan. Earned a Law Degree in the Political and Juridical Sciences Faculty of Tirana.

After graduating from the Faculty, he was appointed to serve as Prosecutor in Elbasan Judicial District Prosecutor Office. He worked in the Public Companies’ Branch of this District. Later on he was appointed to the General Directorate of the National Housing Entity where he worked until 2007.  Then he was appointed as Advisor of the Minister of Interior and later on, as Advisor of the Minister of Justice.

Throughout this time he was a member of the Directing Board of the Magistrate School; a member of the Prosecutor Office Council and Advisor of the Minister to the High Council of Justice.

At the present he has been appointed to serve as Legal Advisor to the Institution of the President of Republic.