Press Statement of the Media Adviser of the President of the Republic

March 26th, 2014

The President of the Republic and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was informed of the press statement released on March 25 2014 by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The President of the Republic expressed his deep concern over the content of this statement and the involvement of the men in uniform in the daily political debate.

The General Staff of the Army through his request addressed at Rear Admiral Kristaq Gerveni to execute the administrative order of the Interior Minister for his return to homeland, issued without a prior Presidential decree, is basically asking him to abandon his assignment.

The sole legal and constitutional authority which orders the termination of the assignment of the Army Representative of the Republic of Albania to NATO is the President of the Republic.

In the press statement citing “the administrative order for submission of the assignment and returning home does not infringe the competences of the President of the Republic, but simply regulates relations between the employer and the employee since Gerveni’’s 3-year mandate for the assignment has expired” the General Staff of the Armed Forces:

1 – Has committed an act which is not part of its tasks, and has surpassed its competences.

2 – Has acted as an interpreter of the competences of the President of the Republic, which is absolutely intolerable.

3 – Was involved in a debate between two superior institutions, the President of the Republic and the Government, which damages the state hierarchy.

4 – Has influenced the creation and intensification of an inter-institutional confusion, which is very unacceptable and damaging, particularly during the current situation.

5 – Has produced propaganda, which is a clear act of political bias, unimaginable for a military institution of a pluralistic country, and especially a NATO member.

The position of the head of our representation to NATO is beyond a position of a specialist in the administration, as the General Staff has tried to label.

The President of the Republic coveys his concern in the context of the danger of bipartisan and non political institutions being used politically, while calling on the General Staff to engage solely and entirely in his legal and constitutional duties.