Press Statement of the Institution of the President of the Republic

February 12, 2015

The Institution of the Republic of the President denounces the political assault and vulgar insults made by the Prime Minister of the country and the Head of the Albanian State in the aula of the Albanian Parliament.

For almost two years, President of the Republic has faced a campaign of insults, slanders, threats and uninterrupted blackmail, organized and ordered by the head of the government.

This Jacobin practice, never heard before in this country, where government violence insults, threatens, blackmails the family, children and the life of the President is unimaginable in a normal country.

This for a very simple goal.

The Prime Minister cannot take control of the Institution of the President.

Low and calumnious slander ordered by the Prime Minister of the country today as revenge against institutional positions of the President in defense of the Constitution and the dignity of the state of Albanians can not walk over and annihilate the Institution of the Head of State.

Violence will never triumph over the dignity of the State.

Authoritarianism will not conquer freedom and democracy which Albanians have won after great suffering and sacrifice.

The President of the Republic will continue to request the respect and protection of constitutional and legal rights of the Institution, despite such attitudes that have nothing in common with the politics, country, culture, citizenship or the European way in which Albanians want to walk.