Statement of the President of the Republic of Albania on the latest development in Preshevo Valley and Kosova

January 21st, 2013

The President of the Republic of Albania firmly condemns the latest provocative act of the Belgrade authorities who chose the language of strength to remove the memorial dedicated to the martyrs of the Preshevo, Bujanovc and Medvegje Liberation Army.

While the local authorities and the representatives of the Preshevo Valley Albanians were acting with maturity and institutionally to find an acceptable solution, Belgrade used the police forces demonstrating that is not free yet from the past mentality and phobia and that when it comes to the Albanians, it implements double standards.

Such actions gravely harm the fragile situation in the Preshevo Valley, the stability in the region and the spirit of dialogue and understanding with the sight set towards the future which we are trying to build with efforts and patience.

The President of the Republic expresses the concern about the violent action that damaged the cemetery of Serbian community in Kosova, which present also a flagrant violation of the Albanian tradition and in full contrast to the legitimate interests of the Albanians in the Preshevo Valley and Albanians all over the region.

The President of the Republic of Albania supports the wise and institutional action of the Preshevo Valley local authorities and appeals to the citizens of Kosova and the Preshevo Valley Albanians and everywhere in the region for maturity and to act in a democratic manner as the only way to denounce in front of the eyes of internal and international public opinion the provocative actions of Belgrade and to avoid falling prey to them as well.