President Nishani’ statement at the press conference following the Fourth Regional Presidential Summit

December 5th, 2012-Budva, Montenegro

I would like to thank the organizers for this excellent Summit and the hospitality offered to us in the beautiful city of Budva.

I praise the four Summits as expressions of the close friendship existing among our four countries and as contribution to the shaping of successful bilateral and regional relations.

Albania pays particular attention to the increase and strengthening of the all sided relations of cooperation with all the Western Balkans countries and especially with its neighbors such as: Kosova, Montenegro and Macedonia.

We remain committed to continuously intensify the political dialogue among our countries through the continuation of the high level meetings and visits’ practice such as today’s meeting.

We stress the indispensability of intensifying the economic and trading cooperation among our four countries where the building of a modern infrastructure, accomplishing of common projects, establishing a regional energy system, strengthening of the communication and telecommunication system, facilitating the circulation of merchandise and movement of peoples, increasing the trade exchanges, intensifying the cooperation of the fields of culture, education, science, infrastructure, etc., should serve as priorities.

Every wave of economic growth or crisis in our continent is naturally reflected upon the economies of our countries as well.

We deem indispensable the further enhancement of the regional economic space into the European one through a greater presence of the European Union and its main members states economic programs and also European policies that assist with technology and developing programs the great projects of infrastructure, energy, information technology, etc.

The establishing of a unified regional energy system would take priority in the framework of the interest to deepen the economic cooperation. At the present day energy is an important developing factor on the national, regional and global level.

We emphasize the importance to have a better promotion of our tourism opportunities that would make possible the fuller use of the tourism capacities not only by the citizens of our countries, but by the citizens of other countries of the region and of Europe as well.

Our common contribution is needed in regional initiatives such as: NEQ, SEECP, RCC, NAJ, A3/A5, CEFTA, etc.

We consider the Albanian factor and of the respective minorities of each and every one of our four countries as bridges of friendship.  The full respect of their rights is achieved through the process of democratization and guarantees peace and stability of our region.

The commitment of our countries to the common Euro-Atlantic and European values makes the safest platform for the further enhancement and consolidation of the relations among our countries. We believe that the full Euro-Atlantic integration serves to benefit the very regional peace and stability, as well as European Union Itself.

We deem as indispensable to support Kosova in initiatives and projects of the region and beyond as contribution to peace and stability in Kosova, in the region and even further.

Thank you!