Press statement of President Nishani at the conclusion of the Summit of Heads of States of the member countries of South-East European Cooperation Process

June 25th, 2014-Bucharest, Romania

The plenary session of the Summit of the Heads of States and governments of the member countries of the South-East Cooperation Process (SEECP) was concluded today where Albania took officially over the Chairmanship in Office from Rumania. At the conclusion of the Summit, President Nishani and his Romanian homologue, President Băsescu issued a joint press conference. In his press statement, President Nishani stated:

“Honorable colleagues,

Distinguished participants!

We have just concluded the Summit of the Head of States and Governments of the South-East European Cooperation Process member countries.

We expressed our high praises for the Rumanian Chairmanship in Office which thanks to a dedicated and professional work marked important achievements in the fields of justice and internal affairs focusing on the fight against organized crime and corruption, parliamentary cooperation, strengthening of collaboration in the statistics’ field consular issues and other initiatives that promote regional collaboration also with the European Union partners as well.

Albania in the capacity of the upcoming SEECP Chairmanship in Office under the motto Regional ownership in action and in close cooperation with the Troika, Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat, all the SEECP members and European partners is taking upon itself this mandate with the full conviction and commitment to achieve and meet all its ambitious objectives.

The Republic of Albania remains committed to strengthen the good neighborly relations and intensify the regional cooperation.

The role played by Albania in the region is an active and constructive one, because we believe that the Albanian national interests are best served by a region that enjoys a sustainable peace and stability and integrated into the Euro-Atlantic institutions.

The Albanian Presidency in Office will aim to achieve tangible results for the SEECP participants and the whole region by focusing its activity on strengthening the regional role, promoting the dialogue among SEECP members and consolidating the sector importance of the organization – which would also represent the main pillars of our activity.

The regional cooperation and good neighborly relations are the columns that guarantee peace, security and stability in the region and the preconditions for its integration into the European Union. Due to these reasons, the South-East European Cooperation Process remains the central political forum based on the willingness of the region’s countries themselves. It must be the inclusive institution where all these countries should present and unify their stands about common issues in the development and European family integration process.

In this spirit, the participation of Kosova in SEECP is very important, not only to Kosova per se, but to our region as a whole.

Based on the SEECP Charter Principles and the agreements reached between Kosova and Serbia facilitated by the European Union according to which none of the sides will neither obstacle, nor encourage a third party to block the advancement on the European integration path, Albania has welcomed the participation of Kosova in SEECP activities over the last year and hails the decision to invite Kosova to participate on a permanent basis in the SEECP activities and meetings, at all levels and on equal terms.

We hope and aim for the work of the Ad hoc Group would be crowned by a document as a concrete product of its activity at the conclusion of our Chairmanship in Office.

Alongside the unwavering conviction that we all together will make Albanian Chairmanship in Office a success story, please allow me to express also the wish to meet you in Tirana in the near future.

Thank you!”