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Join the Network "Friends of Albania"

Distinguished compatriots,

Distinguished friends of Albania!

Considering the special significance held by the huge human, cultural, scientific and financial potential possessed by all the Albanians in the Diaspora which presents a powerful support to all the processes of democratic, economical and social development of Albania, I am very honored to undertake the initiative of establishing the communication and cooperation platform among the Institution I head and all my compatriots and the organizations of the Albanian Diaspora wherever they are.

I have the honor and pleasure in this framework to announce the launching of this initiative through the opening of an especially dedicated to the Albanian Diaspora rubric in the Office of the President of the Republic of Albanian official website.

This rubric aims to evidence the most distinguished Albanian figures and organizations in the Diaspora and all the friends of Albania throughout the world and award them with different medals and orders while making them an example of the very positive image for our country.

Besides evidencing the achievements marked by the Albanians of our Diaspora in the integration field at the countries where they live and work, this rubric would help also in evidencing the main concerns and problems that require a concrete engagement from the Albanian state institutions to be resolved.

The Albanian state faces the very important task to harmonize and coordinate the multilateral potential possessed by the Diaspora Albanians and friends of our country by inspiring and enabling the establishing of the Friends of Albania Network in the world as a very precious support serving the interest of our country's and nation's progress.

All our co-citizens and compatriots are very welcomed to evidence and convey to this rubric the most successful persons and associations in all the fields. The rubric is open to all kinds of contributions that all the Albanian Diaspora representatives with no distinction are willing to provide.

In the quality of the President of the Republic I am fully committed to regularly contact and exchange as fruitful as possible views to meet and fulfill the objective of this initiative in all the official meetings abroad and other visits attending various events.

My communication with the Albanians living all over the world is a constitutional obligation that is important not only for the present, but also for the future of our country and its positive image by serving as a concrete, open and sustainable platform of inclusive institutional communication and cooperation with you.

With a great deal of esteem and respect,


President of the Republic of Albania

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