Prononcimi i Presidentit Meta për mediat në Durrës

Prononcimi i Presidentit Meta për mediat në Durrës

Question: Mr. President, how difficult is the situation in our country at the present? Do you have an accurate information on the exact number of people who still under the rubble?

President Meta: For a more precise number you should officially address the Ministry of Defense as the official responsible institution. What is of a paramount priority, I emphasize once again, is to continue to work hard until the very end to find all our citizens who are trapped under the ruins and not lose hope of saving other lives, just as it happened at midnight. at the ruined former Palma Hotel, where luck also helped us, but also the work of our teams and specialized Greek teams made it possible for 24-year-old Klajdi to survive miraculously. This is of a paramount importance.
For the rest, no doubt, all measures will be taken to recover these catastrophic damages.

Question: Will this recovery action take a long time after these damages?

President Meta: There will certainly be a total evaluation and of course this will take time.
Attention cannot be drawn away from the search for people under the rubble.
It takes hope and determination to save every life that can be saved.
Of course, everything will be done in the most transparent way, starting from calculating the damages and commitments. The fact that it has been declared a state of emergency for two regions at the moment shows that …

Question: Has the state of emergency been announced late? Should it been announced immediately after the earthquake?

President Meta: The fact that for two regions it has been declared a state of emergency is a positive step in this direction.

Question: How is the coordination between the police and military units going on, given that many foreign teams have come to the aid of Albania?

President Meta: Of course, we have a responsible institution, that is the Ministry of Defense and the General Directorate of Civil Emergencies, which consistently issue press releases on the situation, but also on the coordination of all the local forces and the international specialized forces who have come to the country.

What I can say is that the response has been immediate and exceptional from all the countries that have been asked for this help.
We hope that with their help we will also finish the first priority and have the final numbers in terms of victims, which we hope will not increase.

Question: Do you have a comment on the aid that came from Kosovo?

President Meta: Assistance from Kosovo is excellent. I have expressed my gratitude several times, from yesterday morning until midnight, where together with Deputy Prime Minister Limaj we visited Thumana and met with specialized Kosovo troops. The help is tremendous in all respects. In professional management, with highly specialized teams that have done a great job, but also in the humanitarian aspect.
From Kosovo came considerable assistance yesterday and is continuing. A little while ago I had a phone conversation with the Ambassador of Kosovo in Tirana. Extraordinary and impressive help in all respects. A fully brotherly support.

Question: Mr. President, do you have any information on whether these three people who are being sought are victims or there is still hope for them to be alive?

President Meta: It is not my job to give such detailed information, but we hope and will not lose hope until the end of not having other victims. Thank you!