Presidenti Meta pret në takim z. Besnik Muçi

Presidenti Meta pret në takim z. Besnik Muçi

The President of the Republic, H.E. Ilir Meta received today at a meeting Mr. Besnik Muçi.

President Meta thanked Mr. Muçi for agreeing to exercise the office of Judge of the Constitutional Judge as the first candidate selected by the President of the Republic.

President Meta urged Mr. Muçi to consider the possibility to revising his latest position of requesting the Constitutional Court to come up with a decision to declare the termination of his mandate as a constitutional judge.

Mr. Muçi expressed to President Meta that the transitional reassessment process conducted at the Special Appeals College has been highly discriminatory even for the fact of his positions as a constitutional judge.

Mr. Muçi. expressed to President Meta that he is not a politician, but a lawyer and must act as such to the end in order to claim his rights before any international court, whose decision has jurisdiction over the Republic of Albania.

However, Mr. Muçi assured President Meta that he would understand any further action by the Constitutional Court and the President of the Republic, to continue the process between them regarding the completion of the vacancies in the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, President Meta is awaiting the notification from the Constitutional Court to immediately re-announce this vacancy for application.

President Meta also announces the fact that he has decided that the lot for the election of the Justice Appointments Council will be fulfilled by the Institution of the President of the Republic on December 5, 2019 and after the start of the functioning of the new JAC, will follow with very rigorously all its activity, to prevent any deviation from the constitutional principles and provisions of the law to protect the further integrity of the whole process for the establishment and full functioning of the Constitutional Court.