Letter of President Meta addressed to the OSCE Chairperson, Miroslav Lajčák and to the Secretary-General, Thomas Greminger

Letter of President Meta addressed to the OSCE Chairperson, Miroslav Lajčák and to the Secretary-General, Thomas Greminger


It was a pleasure meeting you in Tirana on 3 June and 25 July respectively. As Albania goes through a serious institutional and representative crisis and, at the same time, prepares to take over the OSCE Chairmanship, I sincerely appreciate the utmost attention with which your organization and you personally are following the ongoing developments in the country.

The OSCE could and should play a more active role in this regard.

During our last productive meeting with the OSCE Secretary General in Tirana, we agreed that the stability and national unity are key for progress and successful Albanian OSCE 2020 Chair.

In this framework and in my capacity as President of the Republic, the institution representing the unity of the people, I would like to officially request the OSCE to mediate an inclusive political dialogue in Albania, with a view to reaching a comprehensive solution preventing further escalation of current political, institutional and social crisis in the country. The OSCE is well placed to assist Albania at this critical juncture.

As I have informed you on several occasions, the political crisis in Albania is deepening by the day. Political and social tensions are growing, whereas the polarization between the opposing sides is escalating. Currently, Albania is experiencing a dangerous and unprecedented political situation whereby the ruling majority seeks full political control of all check and balance institutions, whereas the opposition seeks their delegitimization.

Further escalation of the crisis has the potential to negatively affect the EU integration process of Albania and the stability of the wider Western Balkans. The European Council on 17-18 October is expected to decide on opening accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. A positive decision is still uncertain. Furthermore, any escalation of the crisis will severely compromise Albania’s credentials as chair of the OSCE and its ability to effectively run the organization next year.

From my perspective, the only solution to the crisis is holding of free, fair and all-inclusive elections, also indispensable for the democratic credentials of Albania as entrusted the upcoming Chair of our Organization.

As a platform for dialogue and co-operation, the OSCE has key role in promoting peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic space. Its support to Albania’s path towards democracy and the rule of law over the past three decades has been critically important. In fact, the OSCE was the first multilateral forum that Albania joined after the fall of communism. In this context, I believe it is in the best interest of the OSCE to proactively engage in overcoming the crisis in Albania. By so doing, the OSCE will strengthen its credibility as an effective regional security organization under Chapter VIII of the UN Charter, and will capitalize on the long-term investment made for peace and stability in Albania and the Western Balkans as a whole.

Dear OSCE Chairperson,

Dear OSCE Secretary General,

I would like to inform you that my request for OSCE mediation has been forwarded also to the President and Secretary General of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. The latter has been deeply involved in promoting democracy, rule of law and stability in the Western Balkans and Albania in particular. In light of their role and the importance of the parliamentary dimension, I believe that that the Parliamentary Assembly should be involved in a joint mediation effort of the OSCE.

I look forward to a careful examination of this request.